Top Promposals

Louren Mcintosh and Megan Burge


Ben Klee asked Kennedi Coakley to prom with sushi, her favorite food.


Dylan Biewald asked Emily Schulz to prom with a sweet surprise!


Maverick Aurand asked Mati Barron to prom with balloons and chocolate covered strawberries, they had a “berry” good time.

IMG_20160427_080256 copy

Pilara Waller asked Andrew Ropac to prom with balloons and a dragon ball z themed poster with shirts.


Corey Hackethal asked Brooke Hudson to prom at the Collinsville basketball game wearing a prom shirt.


Trey Allen asked Lesly Garcia to prom at a home basketball game, having the cheerleaders put up a stunt, spelling out the word prom.