The Final Goodbye

Taylor Hagnauer, staff writer

As the end of the school year is approaching, so is the last of various athletic seasons. Our seniors have officially been through it all. They’ve had their senior prom, they participated in May Carousel, and the Mr. Warrior pageant. They have now also finished off their senior nights for the sports they have dedicated so much time to. They have all played their final games on their home court, field, or track. Senior night is a night that every high school athlete looks forward to. Many memories have been made and friendships have been gained, but now it’s all coming to an end.

Senior baseball player Sam Watson said, “Senior night was very special for me because my parents could be a part of it. It was also emotional for me because it was one of the last times I’ll ever play on that field. But to my teammates; always make the best of it. Have fun, work hard, and cherish high school sports, cherish the friendships you make from your sport. Because soon it’ll be over, and you’ll graduate before you know it.”

Senior soccer player Emily Smith stated, “My senior night was amazing thanks to my mother and the underclassmen. It was emotional for me because it’s hard to imagine that was one of my last games as a Warrior, one of my last games with my teammates, and one of my last games with girls I’ve played with for years. To my teammates: I love you all and this season has been amazing thanks to all of you. You’ve made it one to remember.”

My senior night was amazing thanks to my mother and the underclassmen. It was emotional for me because it’s hard to imagine that was one of my last games as a Warrior”

— Emily Smith

Senior track athlete Kori Nesbit said, “My senior night was a really good night; we performed well as a team and I also won the open 1600. I couldn’t have asked for a better last home meet. It was really emotional for me. When I crossed the finish line after my last race, my dad came over and hugged me and I lost it. My dad has been my coach for so long; it’s such a weird feeling that he won’t be anymore.” She also stated that “Traveling to Rock Island for sectionals this year was my favorite part of the season. It rained the entire meet but we all performed well and it was the perfect way to end my high school career.”

Senior baseball player Ryan Houston said, “Baseball senior night was different than other senior nights because we had the ceremony between games but it was still a special moment. We all had a fun time, it was a hard fought game so it was upsetting that we didn’t get the result we wanted. To my teammates; no matter what continue to work hard and strive for your dreams no matter what they may be.”

We’re all counting down the last few days of school, counting down days until some of our best friends graduate. This is the time of the year that spring athletics are getting ready for their regional tournaments. But for our seniors, they are getting prepared for the biggest goal a high school athlete has: to make it to the tournament. So good luck to everyone that will be competing the next few weeks and good luck to our seniors with life after high school. Even though it was said to be “the best four years of your life” aren’t you glad it’s coming to an end? And remember…once a Warrior, always a Warrior.

We’ll miss you, class 2016!