Food for Thought


Wyatt Bridger and Kat Smith


On the most recent half day, Kat and myself, like most of our peers, sought out a nice place to grab some lunch after the 11:15 dismissal. We didn’t feel like eating fast food, but were entirely indecisive about which sit-down restaurant would crave our unfathomable appetite. Kat chose Lascelle’s.

Kat has eaten at Lascelle’s many times, so she knew what to expect. I, however, had never even heard of the restaurant until last week. We’re all familiar with the strip where Kool Beanz Cafe and Aiello’s Pizzeria is, right across from the GC movie theatre. Lascelle’s is conveniently right in the same strip.

The place is eclectic and the ambiance was relaxed, calm, and quaint. There is a wide variety of food and drinks. Their drinks were your typical Pepsi products, but for your parents or older siblings, there is a full bar inside with beer, wine and spirits. We obviously cannot review the alcoholic beverages. However, the fountain drinks were subpar in my opinion.

This restaurant has some unorthodox dishes on their menu, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic.They have everything from burgers to pasta dishes and most anything you’d find inbetween.  I highly recommend the breaded goat cheese. I know it sounds weird, but in all honesty I could eat that for my entrée, instead of appetizer.

The first bite alone was well worth the $6!”

— Wyatt Bridger

Lascelles is also managed by the one and only Brenda Whitaker. She also owns A Novel Idea bookstore, Alfresco Theatre, and the Garden Gate Tea Room. Brenda has done so much in our community that managing this restaurant should come as no surprise.

On a typical Saturday night Lascelles is packed, and if you want to get in you have to make a reservation. However, once you are able to sit down and eat, you will see that everything is worth the wait.

“The fried chicken mac & cheese was incredible. The chicken was parmesan crusted with shredded cheddar melted on top, and the mac and cheese was creamy and delicious but not too rich, which is a problem I often find with mac and cheese. The salad I ate with my entrée was actually really impressive. Most side salads are day old lettuce, tomatoes, maybe a sprinkle of cheese and some Italian dressing. Mine, however, was fresh, covered in blue cheese (just the way I like it) and perfectly prepared. Lascelles gets a 4.5 star review from me,” said Kat, who is no stranger to Lascelles fine dining experience

When asked about my experience, all I had to say was, “I couldn’t believe how good the breaded goat cheese was. My pretzel burger was great. I’m not too happy I only ate half of it, but taking it home, then proceeding to go to homecoming play rehearsals and coming home 3+ hours later, the burger and chips I had eaten earlier were surprisingly still decent to eat. All in all, my review of Lascelle’s is that you should try it at least once. Definitely a 4 star experience.”

When you want a good meal and the usual Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesday won’t cut it, have no fear, for Lascelles restaurant in downtown Granite is here. With a delightful dining space, pleasant staff and food that will knock your socks off, Lascelles will be the highlight of your night.