The Evolution of Homecoming


Brooke Hudson, Staff Writer

With homecoming right around the corner, students at GCHS are buying their dresses and ties, making dinner plans, and some are even renting buses and limos. But homecoming hasn’t always been this way. In fact, it’s changed quite a bit over the years.

1980­ Homecoming was very casual at this time. “I wore a tie-dye shirt with blue jeans and let my long hair flow,” said Mr. Lombardi. It was after the Friday night football game instead of Saturday night. “We had good ol’ 1970s rock ‘n’ roll music like Foghat, Ted Nugent, and Foreigner,” added Mr. Lombardi.

I wore a tie-dye shirt with blue jeans and let my long hair flow”

— Mr.Lombardi

1986­- The dance was still semi-formal at this time, but the Homecoming Court would wear big dresses with poofy sleeves. By the mid-80s, mums became a popular trend for homecoming. “People would try to get as many mums as possible,” said Mrs. Ames. By the time Mrs. Ames came back to the high school as a teacher, this tradition had changed.

1990­- The dance was moved to Saturday night by the 90s. Girls started to wear dresses, but they were still not extravagant by today’s standards. “I went with my wife to her senior homecoming. I wore a sweater vest and dress pants,” said Mr. Puhse. He also added that the decorations were not as nice as they are today.

1995-­ Around this time students started to dress more formally at homecoming. Girls started to wear fancy dresses and guys started to wear dress shirts and ties. “I wore an olive green suit and an off-white shirt. It was terrible,” Mr. Vaughn said. Fun fact: Mr. Vaughn’s wife Amy was his homecoming date.

2002– Once the 21st century came around homecoming became equivalent to prom.  Girls wore fancy dresses and guys wore shirts and ties. “My freshman year we rented a limo, and it wasn’t just us, it was actually pretty common,” said Mr. Crider.



Captured By Katie Photography

Although the homecoming dance has dramatically changed through the years, the best homecoming traditions have remained the same. Wearing fun outfits during homecoming week, going to the Friday night football game, and having fun with all of your friends on the dance floor is a tradition that has continued for a long time and will hopefully continue for future generations.