“Start em’ Young”


Adam Marmion and Payton Tilson

The Granite City Braves organization is a local Granite City club for kids ages 5 to 12 who are interested in playing football or cheerleading.

This program will hopefully benefit them in the future by starting them out young ”

— Jennifer Tilson

The Braves compete against other teams in the area. A portion of the club is dedicated to football. The team had around 75 players last year, but the organization has improved a lot since then. This year, there are over 100 kids playing football for the Braves. The teams they play are in the Southwestern conference. Most people are not aware of the organization, as it was started just last year. The president of the football organization is Carl Luehmann.

“The Granite City Braves will teach kids the basic fundamentals of football,” said Braves football president Luehmann.

This will definitely be helpful for those who are considering playing football by the time they join high school. The coaches hold practices every Tuesday and Thursday. The games are played every Sunday.

Another portion of the club is dedicated to cheerleading. The president of the cheerleading club is Jennifer Tilson. She has high school cheerleaders that participate in teaching the little Braves cheerleaders. They practice every Wednesday and attend the football games as well. There is a different cheer team for each football team. The cheerleading organization has improved a lot since last year, also. There are over 50 cheerleaders this year compared to around 35 from last year. The cheerleaders learn cheer, chants, jumps, dances, and more. They’ll learn the basics of cheerleading.

“This program will hopefully benefit them in the future by starting them out young to learn the basic cheer knowledge. Braves Cheer will help them get a feel of tumbling. They will be much much more advanced than someone who hasn’t had any previous experience,” said Jennifer Tilson, the cheerleading president.

It’s highly encouraged to come out and support the Braves. Anyone willing to be a part of the chain crew or work the concession stands would be appreciated. For any other information or questions regarding the organization, you can find the club on Facebook @gcbravesfootballclub.