New Dealer in Town


Matt Woods, Editor

A new CVS pharmacy opened in Granite City just a few weeks ago. After months of construction, people can finally see inside Granite’s newest business.

The aisle full of Pepsi intrigued me. I spent most of my time in that aisle”

— Dylan Biewald

Many people have already visited CVS. “The aisle full of Pepsi intrigued me. I spent most of my time in that aisle,” said Dylan Biewald, senior soccer player at GCHS, on his visit to the new store. After seeing many snapchats of the aisle full of Pepsi, I wondered myself what the store was like. If the bright red sign and the brand new building wasn’t enough for you, the inside will surely do it justice.

I was surprised when I walked inside, seeing many appealing things. It had the feel of a commercial convenient store. I had to remind myself that I wasn’t in Walmart, walking past aisles of dog food, wine, office supplies, you name it. The only thing keeping them from being an off brand Walmart was the absence of a Subway in the front of the store.

Before CVS was built in Granite City there were already many well known pharmacies in town. Two Walgreen’s stores, Medicine Shoppe and Med-Cap have been the main ones for quite a while. Now that CVS has opened, there will definitely be some competition between pharmacies and convenience stores. Another issue for other businesses is the location of the pharmacy. It overshadows local businesses that have been in Granite City for a long time.

“I work at Ravanelli’s and it has affected our business during its construction and even after it was over,” said David Davis, senior at GCHS. Although you may have developed a love for your local Walgreen’s, competition between businesses can be healthy for the economy. The new CVS also provides a brand new look to the town.

If you haven’t been to the new CVS in town, go check it out!