Out with the Old In with the New


Haley Walker, Staff Writer

Are the blues going to be the same without the four amazing players they lost after the 2015-2016 season, and how well they did in the Stanley Cup Playoffs making it to the Western Conference final. Sadly, the Sharks beat us to it and beat us in the rounds. These four players, David Backes, Troy Brouwer, Steve Ott, and Brian Elliott will be missed.  Where are they now? How will we do now without them? Who is taking their spots? All of these questions have been asked from all Blues fans and here are updates.

The Stl. Blues have some great talent and this year is going to be our year, I can just feel it.”

— Ms. Hamm

The St. Louis Blues recently lost four  players, David Backes, Troy Bouwer, Steve Ott, and Brian Elliott. David Backes, Ex-Captain of the St. Louis Blues signed a five year, thirty million dollar contract with the Boston Bruins. Troy Brouwer, inking a four year, eighteen million dollar contract with Calgary Flames, Steve Ott has a One year contract worth $800,000 and Brian Elliott who was traded from the Blues to Calgary Flames, Elliot has a three year contract that has only one year remaining, which carries a 2.5 million dollar NHL salary cap. The main concern is who is going to replace them and who is going to be added to the team for this season? In the first round of scouting, Tage Thompson, center was selected in the first round of drafting. In the the second round of scouting two players were chosen: Jordan Kyrou,center and Evan Fitzpatrick also a center. But in the third round no players were chosen. In fourth round of scouting, only one player was chosen and his name is

The St. Louis Blues have already started their Pre-season and have had two home games, here at Scottrade. They’ve had a great start winning both of the home games. The Blues first home game is Thursday, October thirteenth at 7 o’clock, against the Minnesota, Wilds. The Blues had a victory with their first season game of this season, winning the game with a score of 5 goals, and Blackhawks a score of 2 goals. The game was in Chicago against the Chicago, Blackhawks.

It seems as the Stl Blues are doing fairly well so far. Ms. Hamm, a major Blues fan, shared her opinion with the trading. She believes that the Stl. Blues are going that have their best year yet! She said she was ok with the trading and the new players on the team. She said she’s going to miss some of the players but she wasn’t upset about any of players that were drafted or traded. “The Stl. Blues have some great talent and this year is going to be our year.”