Bad Vibrations

Amped Sound

Kayla Zarate, Staff Writer

A Day To Remember fans, wait no more. It’s time. You’ve waited since 2013, and now you’ve finally got it. A brand new record of 13 more songs to jam to.

Post hardcore band A Day to Remember released their newest album, Bad Vibrations, on September 2nd, 2016. Bad Vibrations is anything except bad. Their sixth studio album has received nothing but positive reviews!  

I don’t have a favorite song because I’ve only listened to it once.”

— Faith Batie

“I listened to it over the weekend. It sounded like them I guess, nothing different. It was really good though,” said senior Faith Batie. “I don’t have a favorite song because I’ve only listened to it once.”

Punk news gave the new album 3 out of 5 stars and nothing but positive feedback. Rock Sound gave it an 8/10, calling it A Day to Remember’s “darkest album to date.” Music Existence had a lot to say about their darker sound, but gave it a 9.3/10 after going into detail about what “Bad Vibrations” means. It sends a message to negative people and the emotions they bring on others. It’s not uncommon for them to record heavier music. A Day to Remember makes both dirty and clean vocals sound great together, as they always have.

A Day to Remember just performed in St. Louis on September 11th, a part of their tour with Blink-182 and the All American Rejects, just 9 days after their new music hit the stores.

It’s been three years since their last record, Common Courtesy, came out, and I know I was excited to find out my favorite band had recorded new music. The first thing I did was look it up and listen to it, regardless that it was about two in the morning and I had school the next day. It was not my brightest moment, but I was right when I knew it would be amazing.

According to Alternative Press, Bad Vibrations is probably ADTR’s best album since their 2009 release of Homesick. The band appeared in AP magazine #338, commenting that recording the album was anything but easy—that a lot of pressure, self-doubt and occasional fighting went into it.

Bad Vibrations has some interesting differences compared to their previous albums. The song “Bullfight” has a few Spanish licks and abstract guitar riffs, with an intense chorus. “Paranoia,” not only their first single released online, but also their number one most listened to song on Spotify, is hardcore with insane mental breakdowns and raw vocals of singer Jeremy McKinnon. Those two, along with “Naivety,” are in the top 5 frequently listened to tracks by A Day to Remember.

If you aren’t into buying music, give them a listen on Spotify or YouTube. The full album stream is right here on their YouTube channel. If you’re more of a rap or pop person, it probably isn’t in your category, but give it a shot anyway. You won’t regret it.