Netflix and Chill: The Most Essential Part of Every Teenager’s Relationship


Michael Zambito, Staff Writer

As Netflix rises in popularity, more and more of us are sharing the experience of watching the end credits of the last episode of our most recent “favorite” series. After investing so much time and energy connecting with these characters as their story progresses and evolves, at the end of it all it’s easy to feel lost. You’re not ready to let go, but you have no choice. To help you get through this, here are suggestions of popular and upcoming shows that might be able fill the void that’s been left in your heart.

I like Netflix because of the way they categorize their shows and movies. It makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for. ”

— Jack Endicott

While you can catch up on many of your favorite TV shows or movies, Netflix also offers a wide variety of their own “originals”. One of their more popular ones being Orange is the New Black. This series is hard to miss even if you haven’t seen it. You’d be hard pressed to not overhear it in conversations all around you. Orange is the New Black is a comedy taking place in a female prison, and even though it has some explicit content, it’s a great show to watch.

Another more recent original that is gradually gaining popularity is Stranger Things. A throwback to 80’s sci fi, Stranger Things has everything a  Sci-Fi thriller needs. A mysterious disappearance involving top secret government experimentation all surrounding a very mysterious young girl, topped with a dash of the supernatural.

That leads to another great TV series, Supernatural. Although not being an ‘‘original’’, it has 12 seasons under its belt. Many are discouraged by the vain hope of trying to catch up. Thanks to Netflix though, all you have to is a little bit of binge watching over the weekends. By watching it in your free time, you can cover about two seasons a month. In six months you can catch up on 12 seasons of one the greatest shows out there. Supernatural is based around two brother’s attempt to go after their father who has been hunting demons with them since their mother’s death. This show will take you all over America highlighting some of the greatest supernatural and biblical myths and legends.

For those of us who have been hiding under a rock and missed one of the most prolific TV series that took American audiences by storm, with Netflix you can finally see Breaking Bad. Although it’s TV life is long since done, many would be remiss if they knew what they had missed out on. Fortunately, whether it’s for the first time or you wish to revisit one of your most favorite TV series, Netflix has your back. Breaking Bad highlights a chemistry teacher’s life who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. With an uncertain income for his family once he dies, he finds alternative methods to make sure that they will be financially set when he’s dead by turning to a life of crime making and selling crystal meth.

“I like Netflix because of the way they categorize their shows and movies. It makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for,” said Jack Endicott, junior student at GCHS.

If by chance you’re caught up on all of these or simply not interested, Netflix has such a wide and variable selection you can almost always find what you’re looking for by simply browsing.