The Walking Dead Rules AMC

The Walking Dead Rules AMC

Chad Ware, Staff Writer

The Walking Dead is a popular and highly-rated zombie apocalypse drama based on a comic book series of the same name. The show airs on the TV network AMC with new episodes on Sunday nights. The series is about a former police officer, Rick Grimes, who gets shot and goes into a coma. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the new world and zombie apocalypse.

The special effects on the show are breathtaking, but as the seasons progress they start to overdo it. For instance, when one of the characters kills a walker (what they call a zombie on the show) you can tell that it’s fake. New walkers appear every episode. In one episode the walkers are burned or melted and then the next episode they’re all watered out and gross in the sewers. I give them props for the new and original ways they create walkers.

“I liked season 4 because of the storylines. From a new virus that’s killing people, to the group getting split up.” ”

— Joseph Paul

The way they depict the zombie apocalypse world is incredible, especially compared to other zombie movies and shows. As said by 16-year-old GCHS sophomore student Kristin Gaumer, “They have a better portrayal of how zombies might actually be if this were to occur in real life like the way they have them decay over the seasons.” The world is depicted as depressing and sad, unlike other shows or movies where at the end the characters walk into the sunset in a happy ending. This show is nothing like that.

The show is based on the comic book of the same title and while they usually stay true to the book there are always new and shocking storylines. Even when most of the scenarios are straight from the comics, the ones that aren’t are awesome, from a guy dealing with his best friend’s betrayal to the growing love between two . This show has so many genres, from horror, action, some comedy here and there, drama, science fiction, and romance. This show excels because of all of its genres, which is what creates the rare and amazing storylines.

There are now 7 seasons and out of all of them my favorite is season 3, because of the introduction to the shows first villain, The Governor. Also, many amazing storylines and acting were featured in season 7.

17-year-old GCHS senior student Joseph Paul said,“I liked season 4 because of the storylines. From a new virus that’s killing people, to the group getting split up.” I agree with him but mostly because of their decision to do something new and split up the group, which worked.

The actors and characters are, however, the best part of the show. One character, Rick, is a former police officer who is a great leader while another is a charismatic tyrant who uses fear to lead. Either way, all of them are characters that you either love or love to hate.

Of the ensemble of characters on the show, there four actors that truly stand out.

Student Kerstyn Deichmann a GCHS sophomore speaks her mind about character Melissa McBride who plays a cookie-loving Carol Peletier who “used to be a shy and abused wife and formed into a strong independent woman.”

Norman Reedus plays the crossbow wielding Daryl Dixon, who is the male daredevil of the show. Daryl was a crossbow hunter who at first hated the main character but went on to be like a brother to him. Even though he is an original character and not in the comics, he also went on to be the fans’ number one favorite character. Reedus is great at portraying someone who hides his feelings and does what has to be done no matter what.

Steven Yeun plays former pizza delivery guy Glenn Rhee. Glenn is always the one who does the hard jobs like going down a well to put a rope around a walker to pull it out. He was one of the first people to meet the main character and he became a core member of the group and a fan favorite alongside Daryl. Yeun does an amazing job portraying a major character on the show.

Last but not least is Jon Bernthal, who portrays wife stealing Shane Walsh. Shane is the main character’s best friend and a former police officer. I loved this actor’s portrayal, mostly because of the big developments and changes the character has as the series progresses.

Overall, I give the show a 9.5 out of 10 for it’s creative storylines, special effects, original plot twists, and the characters.

If you haven’t seen an episode of this series, I highly suggest you do because you will get hooked on the storyline as well as the characters. Also, read the comics that have the same name. Catch the show on Sunday’s in the fall or the spin-off show, Fear the Walking Dead on the same network and night but in the summer.