2017 Winter Classic

Kaleb Chism, Staff Writer

When you think of the St.Louis Blues you think of a tough, aggressive team. When you think of Busch Stadium you think of the St.Louis Cardinals, but on January 2 the Blues will take the ice in the outdoor hockey rink facing off against their rival, six time Stanley Cup champions, the Chicago Blackhawks.

St. Louis had a rough time lately this will bring good things to the community, and it’s really exciting because it’s hockey.”

— Mrs. Harrison

This was announced on March 9, 2016 by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Since November 12,1967 the Blues and the Blackhawks have held an incredible rivalry. The Blackhawks have won 8 of the 12 playoff meetings, as each must face the other to move on further in the playoffs.

Chicago has been given outdoor games against the Penguins, Capitals, Red Wings, and Wild. Fans of both teams have wanted this game to happen for a long time, and now finally the time has come.

Two day before these rivals face off there will be what’s called an Alumni game. This is where the old players that are retired from the NHL will take to the ice one more time and what better teams to do it, with both having bad blood towards the other this should make for an interesting game.

This is not only Blues and Blackhawks rivalry game it’s also the Winter Classic. So you can expect it to be sold out fast and expensive. You can also catch the action at Ballpark Village. Don’t miss this incredible chance to see two of the best teams in the NHL battle it out in a unique environment.