What is Warrior Flock?

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What is Warrior Flock?

Brooke Hudson, Staff Writer

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There’s a new club here at GCHS called Warrior Flock. You may have heard of it, but may not know what it’s about.

We’re able to do things for people who have never had an option before”

— Mrs.Swip

The club was created by Mrs. Swip to help Warrior students get involved with her organization called 3littlebirds4life. This organization was created 5 years ago, by Mrs. Swip herself. It’s the only organization that grants wishes to cancer patients specifically between the ages of 18-40 years old. “We’re able to do things for people who have never had an option before,” Mrs. Swip said. This organization is for cancer patients in any country who have any type of cancer in any stage. The 1st wish granted to a cancer patient by 3littlebirds4life was in July of 2012. As of today, they’ve granted 219 wishes.

Mrs. Swip created Warrior Flock to give Warrior students an opportunity to help with her organization. So far, there have been two meetings, and they have already accomplished great things. They’ve raised almost $1,000 so far and are planning their next wishes. Mitchell School’s Girls On The Run program worked with Warrior Flock and donated to them. A parent of one of the members also donated money to the organization. Warrior Flock has just begun, but has already been a success.

The president of Warrior Flock is Kyle Thompson. The vice president is Torrey Deal, the secretary is Destiny James, the marketing director is Latrell Smith, and Kaitlyn Fultz is the treasurer. They have been increasing in numbers at every meeting. They have around 20-40 people already involved and are hoping it will continue to grow.

Right now, Warrior Flock is working on Christmas baskets to give to cancer patients. They are collecting items such as hard candy, coloring books, hats, and many more, so each patient can have their own basket. Mrs. Swip gets items from the bank or other local businesses such as chapstick, paper clips, and other novelty items. Warrior Flock students have also brought in many items. Their goal is to fill over 200 baskets. Once they put all of the baskets together, they are going to go as a group to give the baskets to the patients.

Warrior Flock is off to a great start so far. They are hoping to raise cancer awareness and help out these cancer patients in any way possible. If you interested in joining, follow their twitter account @GCWarriorFlock for information and updates for their future meetings.