The Redemption of the Hobby Club

The Redemption of the Hobby Club

Billy Armbruster, Staff Writer

The Hobby Club is one of the least known activities among the myriad of possibilities that GCHS has to offer. This club spans a wide variety of nerdy hobbies, including playing Magic: The Gathering and watching anime.

When the club first started Mr. Christopher Hutchings, founder and sponsor of the Hobby Club, just had a few students in his room talking about comic books and movies. He soon found, through the help of a student, a new game he could intrigue people with. Magic: The Gathering is the game that attracted a large variety of students to join. He regularly had meetings and tournaments at the local comic book shop Hero’s Hideout. This store made a place where all the club members could meet and hang out amongst themselves. But unfortunately, the comic book shop Mr. Hutchings was so reliant on shutdown in November.

“The loss of Heroes Hideout was a big hit to the club. I became too dependent on it””

— Christopher Hutchings

Without a reliable place to meet, the Hobby Club fell and it fell hard. The months after the closing of the shop, almost no one showed up for the meetings he had scheduled. Graydon Slusher, student council leadership representative for the Hobby Club, stated ”No I didn’t [go] I probably didn’t hear the announcements due to the class being too loud.” Reasons such as this and a multitude of others resulted in people showing up for the club’s activities.

Recently, the club has spiraled into a decline in comparison to the last two years when it flourished. This decline has led Mr. Hutchings to become desperate to keep the club he loves alive. “Students have gotten busy and I have not communicated changes well.” Mr. Hutchings believes this has had a drastic impact on the club’s ability to get people to participate.

Mr. Hutchings became emotional when stating, “I previously have not had to attract people, it was a place where people with different interests went. But now I need to and I’m not sure how.” He has tried and tried again to attract new students to no avail. Mr. Hutchings is extremely passionate about his club and wants it to thrive. He has been working tirelessly alongside other members to get this club back to it’s previous glory. Mr. Hutchings and I welcome any and everybody with open arms. For more information you may see Mr. Hutchings in room 274 for details.