Music is You


Danielle Vanvoorst, Staff Writer

Music has naturally become part of our culture, in abundance and variety. But how does it affect us?

Music has become a necessity to everyday life, including influences on a day-to-day basis like studying, working in class, or even just keeping to yourself. Many, but not all, immerse themselves into the musical world, exploring artists, and maybe even discovering themselves. Music helps to define us, it determines how we may act. For example, if you’re into Christina Perri or Adele, you’re probably more in touch to your sensitive side than others. If you’re into Three Days Grace, you’re probably grunge or hardcore.

Music is probably the only reason why I’m still here today. It gave me a reason to keep going. Most people probably agree that music saves lives”

— Isabella Webb

Anything ranging from Emo, Punk, Pop, Rap, Rock, and even Classical can influence our behaviors as we get older, or even motivate us. “Music motivates me to do more. It gives me the power to make something of myself. Without music, I would be such a slacker. Not only does it motivate me, music inspires me,” said Isabella Webb, a GCHS student and GC resident.She added, “Music is probably the only reason why I’m still here today. It gave me a reason to keep going. Most people probably agree that music saves lives.” Says Isabella Webb. Some even say music is a medicine, such as Natalie Kamadulski.

“Music is like medicine. It helps heal the brokenhearted and cure the sadness in people’s life. The lyrics speak the words that people cannot express themselves out loud. The words that these artists sing let other people know that they’re not alone. Music is like a best friend that’s always around when others aren’t. It’s comforting and powerful and it gives people strength,” said Kamadulski, a sophomore student at GCHS.

Whether it be salvaging your broken heart, opening your eyes to another perspective, or even just giving you a good laugh, music influences people in ways we can’t even comprehend. Music makes and breaks us, divides and unites us. Music has inspired many of our generation to continue on their paths.

“Music to me means a new perspective since I’m in band I also see it as a whole new learning & language perspective. When I hear a certain song that’s filled with a powerful moving sound and overall a powerful message it’s really moving and inspiring,” said Alyssa Weller, saxophone player at GCHS. She added, “One song that particularly inspires me is Fight song by Rachel Platten, it really moves me and speaks a whole new message to me, no matter what you’re going through this song will speak to you.”

People seem to have their go to song when going through tough times, whether because of stress or just everyday life, they go to their safe place in their musical worlds.

Music is you. It is a part of us. Pop culture will continue to expand more than ever, and eventually, music will be a necessity to everyday life.