Chevrolet Camaro VS Ford Mustang


Austin Gilmore , Staff Writer

Two rival companies. Two rival cars. The Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang.

These 2 famous cars have been at it since the 60’s when the two were created. The Mustang was redesigned in 2015 to celebrate its 50th anniversary, and the Camaro was redesigned last year in 2016 for its 50th anniversary, and now, once again, the two are facing off to see whose design has the most muscle.

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro has three different engine variants: Engine 1-a V4, 16 valve, 2 liter, with 275 hp and 295 lbs of torque, Engine 2-a V6, 24 valve, 3.6 liter, with 335 hp, and 284 lbs of torque, Engine 3-a V8, 6.2 liter, with 455 hp, and 455 lbs of torque. As well as having two different transmission speeds: a manual-6 speed and an automatic-8 speed. The curb weight for the Camaro is 3,519 lbs. The Camaro’s body style is coupe and convertible.

The 2015 Ford Mustang however has a different spec numbers in it: Engine 1-a V4, 2.3 liter, with 310hp, and 320 lbs of torque, Engine 2- a V6,3.7 liter, with 300 hp, and 280 lbs of torque, Engine 3-a V8, 5.0 liter, with 435hp, and 400 lbs of torque. It’s transmission is a 6 speed for both manual and automatic. The curb weight is 3,524 lbs, and the body style is fastback and convertible.

We’ve got the specs down for both vehicles, but the real question is, which is the better Pony car that we want to drive? When the Mustang was first introduced in 1964, the world was blown away by the looks and performance of this classic car. But Chevy knew they had to strike and attack Ford with their own Pony car. Three years later, the Mustang met it’s worst enemy, the Chevrolet Camaro. Every year, a new and updated Mustang or Camaro is revealed, and every year, they are pitted against each other to see who is the best. Today, the Mustang is beating out the Camaro, but Chevrolet is updating the Camaro to fight the Mustang once more.

I personally choose the Mustang over the Camaro because the Mustang came out two years before the Camaro. Chevrolet felt defeated by the Mustang so they had to basically copy the Mustang to create the Camaro. I have seen the Mustang in more movies than the Camaro. Yes, Bumblebee is the Camaro that we all love in Transformers, but I have seen the Mustang in lots more adventure films: Need for Speed, Gone in 60 Seconds, Death Race, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, and I Am Legend. The Camaro is trying to copy everything that the Mustang has and has done, so those are all the reasons why I think the Mustang is better than the Camaro.

Brian Nail, a sophomore at GCHS, prefers Camaro over Mustang because he thinks the Camaro look sharper and faster than a Mustang.

Reese McKnight, another sophomore at GCHS, said “I would rather have a Camaro because it’s faster and way cooler than a Mustang will ever be.”

We all have our opinions. We all have our decisions. We all have a choice. Perhaps neither car is better than the other, but they are extremely different from each other in lots of ways.