Danielle Vanvoorst, Staff Writer

Gaming technology has evolved dramatically over the past few years, especially video gaming consoles. And one of those consoles on the edge of gaming is the Sony PlayStation.

Sony has been around since 1946, and having been around for 71 years, the company has expanded drastically. With their fame, excellent content and consoles were released, including the PS3 and PS4.

The PS3 was released in 2006, and was an outstanding improvement from the PS2. However, the PS3 can no longer compete with Sony’s newest console, the PS4. Not only are the graphics out of this world, but it’s also roughly 10 times more powerful than the PS3 itself. The games are beyond compare to that of the PS3’s.

The PS3’s gaming variety is much larger than the PS4 because it can play older games, but its CPU and horsepower could never compare to the PS4. As Alexus Jones said, “I was 13 when I got my PS3. I loved it. The controls were good. The more I used it the more it started to lag. Which is why i don’t use it as much anymore.“

However, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to gaming, then the PS3 would be more suited to you. And there are no fees for playing online like there are for the PS4, not to mention its games are considerably cheaper as time passes on. PS4’s graphics and gameplay are considerably better, but that doesn’t mean PS3’s games were bad either. Though control on some games on the PS3 may be sloppier compared to PS4, they’re still fun to play, not to mention some PS3 favorites are not available on the PS4.

“I wanted a PS4 because I thought it would be better than the PS3, and it was. You can do virtual reality on it with the camera. The controls are great and you can chat and even do private games. So I think it’s a lot better than the PS3.” Alex Jones of GCHS also stated.

In short, PS4 wins by graphics, games, and game play. But PS3 outbeats the PS4 in variety of games, classics, and free online gameplay.

Overall, both are great consoles with few flaws. Let’s hope Sony’s legacy continues with a PS5!