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Farewell, Granite High World

May 10, 2017

In my sophomore year of high school, every student knew about the newly revised, online school newspaper, Granite High World. It was the latest phenomenon at GCHS that took everyone’s attention. So of course, when my counselor offered the class to me for my junior year, I immediately said yes.

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Granite High World is more than just some crummy high school newspaper. It’s become a part of the school, of the community.”

As my fellow classmates and I entered journalism, never did we think that this class, this newspaper, would mean so much to us. But it did.  However, this was an un-unique feeling. It seemed as though every semester, journalism was growing ever bigger. Granite High World is more than just some crummy high school newspaper. It’s become a part of the school, of the community.

I want to thank all the staff members that made this year unforgettable, from Jaxon Connolly’s bold articles, to Becca Bazzell’s constant update of community news, and even to Matt Woods’ (surprisingly) good acting in GHW videos. Each individual’s hard work in journalism is the backbone of what Granite High World is and stands for.

My advice to my fellow GHW members and to any future staff is to continue to push the boundaries. It’s really easy to slack off and produce average stories that require the least amount of work possible, and it’s really difficult to tackle stories that are hard and challenging. You should aim to be the best journalist you can be. Choose a controversial topic, interview people that you’ve never met before, and most importantly: want to write well. You have so much power with writing, with articles, and even with videos. You just have to want it.

Of course, this isn’t a farewell without a thank you to Mr. Crider. GHW would never have been as great as it is today if it wasn’t for him. Mr. Crider is not only innovative himself, but he’s more than willing to listen to any and all ideas that students pitch at him. Thank you Mr. Crider for always being patient with us, for believing that we are better than what we make of ourselves, and most importantly, for just being you.  

Thank you, Granite High World, for giving me the opportunity to make something of my writing, for introducing me to new friends, and for being the heart and soul of GCHS.

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