Three Inspirations

This is it. My final days at the high school have arrived. I will be graduating soon and it has been a fight getting here.

All my life I have suffered from chronic migraines. My migraines hit a high point in the 8th grade and caused me to miss a lot of school. When I entered high school my migraines were still at an all time high. It almost seemed like every other day I was at a new doctor trying to figure out how to help my migraines so I could function. At this time in my life I was extremely depressed. There were no signs that my migraines were ever going to go away, and I was failing all of my classes. My migraines were so bad I had to be hospitalized just to have a moment of relief from my aching head.

A quarter-way through junior year I was put on homebound. For those of you who don’t know about this program, homebound is for kids who are too ill to come to school so the amazing teachers at GCHS come to their house to teach them. Homebound was life changing for me. It gave me hope that I would graduate on time. All of the teachers that came to my house I am so thankful for, but I want to mention three in particular: Mrs. Lignoul, a history teacher at GCHS; Mrs. Conley, a science teacher at GCHS; and last but not least, Mr. Hutchings, the department head in English at GCHS.

These three teachers especially gave constant dedication to me. Mrs. Lignoul fought for me; Mr. Hutchings introduced me to a new type of learning/homework where I got to be creative and paint.

Every week Mrs. Connolly always had some interesting thing about an animal or a place she had been to tell me. These three teachers had the greatest impact on my high school career.

While on homebound my sister read about the ‘daith’ piercing and I figured why not try it and see if it works. Soon after getting it my headaches were almost gone. With the help of this piercing and my daily medication, I have gone from a migraine every day to one about every two weeks.

Since I was better and I was starting to be myself again I got to spend my senior year at the high school. Homebound and my migraines were kind of like a blessing in disguise because without them I would have never of met these three amazing teachers. Throughout my senior year if I had time when I wasn’t doing anything in my classes I would go and visit with some of them. With homebound happening not only did I meet some of the best teachers in this school, but I also made a couple friends along the way.

Thanks to you three my senior year was the absolute best, and I’m graduating with my class!