Active Warriors


Cierra Barrios-Ogle, Staff Writer

Being a student with a job, financial responsibilities, and lack of free time can be difficult and we all know it. Dealing with peers, doing homework, studying for tests, and maintaining a social life can be a challenge.

A majority of high school students will start out in some sort of fast food restaurant, retail, gas station, or a family business. Even though those jobs may not seem that hard or stressful, stress affects everyone. Some people stress more than others, and if you struggle with managing your time and your patience, just know you are not alone. Here is some advice from some of your fellow Warriors.

“I actually purchased a planner at Dollar General. You can get a cheap planner almost anywhere. You just write in it and it keeps everything organized with the dates and stuff, like you can keep track of homework and extracurricular activities with it,” said Summer Long, a junior at GCHS.  

Summer Long is an active member of our Speech, Tennis, and Young Authors club. She may get a little stressed during the week, but managing her time well is a great way to help keep her a little less exhausted.

Dustin Choat, also a junior at GCHS, acknowledged that putting your priorities first is another important benefit in holding a job. Basing your schedule around what’s important will help you figure out what homework assignment is due before another. Keeping a list of all your events is also another helpful way of staying organized.

Putting your priorities first is another important benefit in holding a job.”

— Dustin Choat

Here’s some other helpful advice to help keep your mind at ease: don’t overthink every test and quiz, get your homework done that day in class instead of talking to your friends, and get to class early to ask teachers questions or to just study before that big test you have that hour. Make time for schoolwork and you’ll greatly appreciate it later when you want to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix.

Being active in our clubs and sports is incredibly fun, and maintaining a job is rewarding. Not only does it build a stronger character for yourself, but it also gives you more experience in social and professional situations. Your future employers will also see that as a strong suit. Being an Active Warrior is rewarding, and while balancing your social life and your work life can be difficult to manage, if you believe you can do it, you can.