The Strength of a Warrior

The Strength of a Warrior

Hannah Brumley, Staff Writer

Growing up, one of the main priorities in a person’s life is school. But when I was growing up, my main priority was my health. Not including college, an average person attends school for twelve years. I was only given the opportunity to attend eight.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, cancer in the blood. I went through intense chemotherapy, lost my hair several times, and sadly, missed tons of school. Dealing with my sickness and school was stressful. Attending a normal school day while going through chemotherapy wasn’t possible. Homebound was the only option I had. Thankfully, I had a handful of amazing teachers who would take time out of their day to drive to Saint Louis and teach me.

It was great, but it still didn’t take the place of being with them. ”

— Hannah Brumley

Four years of homebound was very difficult, and I missed out on so many social activities. Just being in a classroom with my friends, a situation that many students take for granted, was never an option. My classroom would FaceTime me and let me sit in on lessons, so I could retain a little of the work they did that day. It was great, but it still didn’t take the place of being with them. Hospitals are no fun and it was hard not feeling well enough to sit through a whole day of school.

People tend to assume because I’m cancer free, that my body is healthy—that assumption is wrong. Cancer still takes a toll on my body to this day. My immune system is nothing like a normal, healthy person’s. Whenever you get sick, how long does it take to get over the sickness? Two, three, possibly four days? My immune system doesn’t allow me to feel better until weeks have passed. I miss a lot of school, even now being in remission.

Right now my main worry is the future. When I graduate I have big goals I would like to fulfill. I want to become an oncologist, but missing a lot of work will not be tolerated. I plan to graduate and use my scholarship to help me succeed in my goals.

I know school can be stressful, but you never know the situation of another student. So be kind to one another, and be grateful for your education. Many students might not have the opportunity to enjoy the full twelve years Granite City School District has to offer.