Alien Conspiracy Theories

October 10, 2017

Distant worlds and civilizations beyond our own sound like a fairytale to some, and a definitive reality to others. Some say we’ve been visited plenty of times by aliens from other worlds, and others say we’re alone in this vast infinity of planets and stars. The conspiracy of aliens from in the distance of our beloved galaxy really makes you wonder if we are all alone in space, floating idly around our sun, or if there is other life beyond our own planet.

The Roswell incident changed a large amount of people’s views on alien sightings. Even though there were no observations of flying objects in Roswell, it is still commonly known as the “Mother of all UFO sightings”. This incident started in the summer of 1947, where William Brazel, a rancher in New Mexico, found debris in one of his pastures. This debris included metallic rods, chunks of plastic, and unusual papery scraps. When reported by Brazel, soldiers from the nearby Roswell Army Air Force base were called in to retrieve the materials. Headlines across the area claimed the object a “flying saucer” but military officials claimed that it was only a downed weather balloon. When asked, fellow running start student Tyler Hahne said “I believe that the Roswell incident is not a legitimate sighting. The ‘UFO’ was probably a weather balloon as the military stated, but who knows? It could be a cover up.”

Conspiracy theorists and alien lovers alike worked their hardest to prove the sighting to be extraterrestrial, with one person, Ray Santilli, going as far as to leaking a video of the dissection of an alien in 1955. This would turn out to be fake, when in 2006 Santilli admitted to it being staged, but saying that it was based off of a real event. It turns out that the government was hiding something, but it wasn’t aliens, because the weather balloon was involved with a top secret military project called Project Mogul. Project Mogul launched high altitude balloons that carried equipment used to detect soviet nuclear tests. The Air Force has also given plenty of proof in a 231 page report, that was released in 1997, called “Case Closed: Final Report On the Roswell Crash”. Though the conspiracy is debunked, the interests over this case have only grown and the tourism of Roswell is heavily based off its famous sighting.

Next is The Belgium Wave. The Belgium Wave is known as one of the widest seen alien sightings to date. Toward the end of the November of 1988, Belgian citizens reported sightings of a large and triangular UFO hovering in the sky. These sightings, however, are the only evidence about these UFOs, at least as of yet. A few months later in March of 1990 new sightings of multiples of these objects were being reported. These reports were confirmed by two ground military radar stations.

The Belgian government sent two F-16 fighter jets to investigate the strange objects captured on the radar stations. The pilots couldn’t see anything visually, but were able to capture their findings on their radar. The pilots ended up losing the object, though, because the unexplained objects were moving too fast. It is estimated around 13,000 people have witnessed the incident, which makes this one of the most widely seen UFO sighting in the modern era. The Belgian Air Force never had a logical explanation for this, but they have acknowledged that the unknown incident has taken place in the air. For this reason the Belgian government reached out to the UK’s Ministry of defense to help investigate this incident further, but soon dropped when it was considered non-hostile.

“I’m not entirely sure what to think about that incident (The Belgium Wave). If the object showed up on radar, then it has to be a real thing. A ball of lightning is a good explanation, but a ball of lightning would not show up on radar.” Explained Tyler when asked about the Belguim Wave.

UFO sightings are not new; there are even reports earlier than Roswell and more recent than the Belgium Wave. But UFOs can be extremely easy to be confused for natural phenomena that surrounds our earth. Especially with Lenticular Clouds, scientifically known as altocumulus standing lenticularis. Lenticular Clouds are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes, which is normally where moist, stable air flows over a mountain or mountain range. These air currents form long strings of clouds known as a wave cloud. Under the right conditions of wind and thermal currents, they can take a roundish or even an ovalized shape that can be extremely unnatural, and even in certain circumstances saucer-like in appearance. This can be confused for an extremely large disk (so a UFO) by people unfamiliar with meteorological occurrences.

Other than weather balloons or experimental military aircrafts, another common explanation for alien sightings is a ball of lightning. It sounds just like it is, it is a sphere of static electricity that can glow for minutes on end. Now when seen during daylight hours, a ball of lightning can take on a fluid, metallic, and even a disk-like shape. But when it gets attracted to an object the sphere appears to be ‘chasing’ or ‘following’ that object, seeming that the sphere has intelligent control, like a spacecraft. Any unusual object can be speculated as a UFO if seen under unusual pretences, like bad weather, or if it’s not an object commonly seen in the sky.  

Other life in the universe is terrifying either way. If we are alone or there are other beings, the thought is very scary. I have not had a sighting myself, but I do believe that there are other living things out there.”

— Tyler Hahne

Life is an extraordinary aspect that was fortunately gifted to us, but are we the only planet with this gift? What if there are other planets just like ours in other galaxies that we won’t even be able to come into contact with? What if they found us before we found them, and they walk around our planet as we do because they look just like us? These types of questions will probably never be answered, but with the evolution of our technology who’s to say what will come in the future? “Other life in the universe is terrifying either way. If we are alone or there are other beings, the thought is very scary. I have not had a sighting myself, but I do believe that there are other living things out there.” stated Tyler. These views on alien sightings, abductions, and even the extraterrestrial itself will lead to the hopeful confrontation with the world beyond our stars and the galaxies beyond our home. A whole new world is out there, we just have to find it.

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