Behind the Scenes: Editor Edition

Lilly Byrne, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Granite High World? The creator and club sponsor, Andrew Crider, has a classroom that resembles a beehive. The editors are the busy bees and his class is the hive, and these bees have a lot of honey to make in a short amount of time.

Olivia Podraza, a second year editor, thinks she has a relatively easy job. “On a day-to-day basis if anyone looks lost I’ll see what they’re up to. I get a lot of random asks for help.” Olivia is not the only editor that explains her job as so. Although Caitlyn Puhse agrees, she added a little bit more of an insight for us all. She admits her job as a staff editor can be a bit frustrating. “Everyone in the room needs me at once and I can’t be everywhere. I’ll walk away and when I come back they’ve messed up the whole video and I’m like…I was gone for 30 seconds?”

But even the most difficult situations have an upside. Caitlyn says her favorite thing about her responsibility as an editor is, “I have a hand in making sure all the videos that I’m in charge of are good, and so that makes me feel great knowing we’re putting out quality content on the site.” Every article and video on GHW passes through the hands of these facilitators, then the polished pieces are handed over to Mr. Crider. Not everyone has what it takes to have this kind of authority.

Another individual who is part of this staff is Isaiah Mizell, who claims the key to success is time management. “Depending on how many stories you’re assigned, you could get pretty busy. So you just kind of have to plan out when you’re going to edit and when you’re going to work on your own project.” As an editor you have a lot on your plate, and there are more expectations you have to meet and challenges you have to rise above.

“Being an editor is not only writing my own pieces but helping these people who are maybe starting in journalism understand what we expect of them. We want to help them the best we can. The goal is to write and create content above a high school level,” says Lauren Briggs, first year editor, who only wants the very best for GHW. Apart from treating the site as her own, she believes that it’s made her a part of Granite City High School and given her a voice. “I’ve never actually been in this class, this is my first year in the classroom for journalism. I was on homebound, so being here I feel like I’m also one of you guys. It was very humbling being chosen to be an editor, I wasn’t expecting it.” Lauren has taken being a staff editor to heart, and she doesn’t just see it as something she was assigned to.

Mr. Crider chooses his student editors very carefully. Knowing the hand-picked editors would hold these positions for the entirety of the school year, he chooses editors based on what they bring to the table. Being responsible, punctual, having a strong grasp on each category of GHW, and being able to tell people the truth are all characteristics he looks for in students to be an editor. Out of 75 students, only 11 were chosen to be part of the Editorial Staff for the fall of 2017.

Despite whatever difficult projects they’re working on, editors are always a part of the rest of the staff. They go the extra mile and try to make a great story perfect. If you enjoy the content on, you certainly have an editor to thank.