The Junior Struggle: ACT & SAT


Summer Long, Editor

Junior year brings many surprises. For students, it’s the first year they have the driving privileges and more opportunities available for them. A lot of people take jobs. However, with more privilege and opportunity comes more responsibility.

Scholastic Aptitude Test. American College Testing.

These are the names of the infamously known SAT and ACT. Standardized testing and college seem to go hand and hand, and it is a hot button issue for many. In Illinois, the SAT has become a graduation requirement.

On October 11th, more than 100 students of GCHS took the PSAT. The PSAT was originally designed to be the test that qualified students for the National Merit Scholarship and bore no similarities to the SAT. However, as a response to complaints of the harsh differences, the PSAT has adapted to be similar to the SAT.

Practice does not make perfect, but it brings out the best in people.”

— Summer Long

The administering of the PSAT was simple: arrive at school at 7:45 in the morning. The test poured over into the end of fourth hour.

Marissa Henry decided to take the PSAT to get a feel for how the mandatory test would be and to get some practice. “The hardest part for me was time management,” she said.

Ethan Miller echoed Marissa’s concerns, agreeing that students “need more time.”

Not everyone participated. While some did not feel like taking it, others students opted out of taking the PSAT because they already took the ACT.

One student, Sierra Smallie took the ACT in September when it was given at a school in Alton.

“I didn’t feel like I needed to take it since I already took the ACT. Plus, it was during school.” Sierra said.

Practice does not make perfect, but it brings out the best in people. I took the PSAT and ACT because I feel more comfortable with things if I have more practice. The SAT and ACT are very similar and colleges accept either one. The SAT is mandatory in Illinois, but that should not stop anyone from taking the ACT. Don’t be afraid to make your own decision.