Champions Thrice Over: The Marching Warriors


Hunter Clements and Jennifer Ortiz

Contrary to what Friday Night Lights would lead you to believe, Friday night games are no longer just about football. For fans, the halftime entertainment has become one of the highlights of the evening. Despite what most would consider a chance to goof off and have fun, many of the members of the Marching Warriors consider the football games to be practice for the next day’s competitions. “The football games are fun and much more relaxed,” says Lexi Broyles, “ but they are also a great way for us to pinpoint the things we need to work on before competition the next day.”

Friday nights aren’t the only factors that contribute to the Marching Warrior’s success; the band is also required to attend long, strenuous practices under the watchful eye of their instructors, Mr. Roberds and Mr. Palmer. According to sophomore John Lucas, the practices are incredibly structured with many rules the members must follow. “There is a no-talking rule during routines. If you are caught, you run laps. Repetitions are endless and practices don’t stop until the routine is perfect.” Krista Davis describes her first year of marching practices as “long days with lots of sweat and tears… and blood.” Regardless of the weather or the length of time it takes, the band expects nothing short of perfection when it comes to their routines. This mentality has surely paid off, seeing as they now have three Grand Champion titles  under their belt, the title of State Champions, and countless other first place competition trophies – this year alone.

Repetitions are endless and practices don’t stop until the routine is perfect.”

— John Lucas

Many of the members feel confident in the band’s ability to continue with their success. Marley Wilkinson says, “Mr. Roberds has been pushing us harder each year, so we can only continue to get better.” She feels positive that even with the seniors leaving and with an influx of new, inexperienced freshmen, the band will continue to thrive.

Inexperienced players are the band’s future. Lexi Broyles’s advice to incoming freshman is, “Don’t be nervous. Don’t feel like you won’t be included.”  The Marching Warriors treat one another like family and work together to be the marvelous band that they are.

Practices aren’t limited to football games for the Marching Warriors. They start practices in June and train outside almost all day, no matter what the weather is. What the bathroom breaks used to be for some people, is now an amazing halftime show, and we couldn’t be more proud of our marching warriors for that. Go band!