The Premiere of The Walking Dead


Hannah Brumley, Staff Writer

Season 8 of The Walking Dead has arrived and the fans couldn’t be more excited! We left off last season with several beloved characters losing their lives to Negan and the Saviors, but Rick and his people have started to make a comeback.

       The Walking Dead is unquestionably worth watching. Just ask any true Walking Dead fan. Like many of the fans around the world, Granite City is full of them. Mrs.Muskopf, one of our very own anatomy teachers, has some exciting input on this season. “I’m extremely excited to see who wins the war between Rick and Negan. I know we will lose a lot of great actors but that is expected. My guess? The tiger is a goner.”

          Rick and his group have started to gain revenge, which causes a lot of excitement for someone who’s greatly involved in the show. If you’re up for intense scenes and gore, I suggest you start catching up with the show right away.

            However, there are times when fans are not happy with the outcome of episodes. Mrs. McBride put her input in. “I’m tired of all the fighting and it’s turning more into a reality show rather than a zombie apocalypse series. This season has started off rather slow and lame.” Even when fans are disappointed, once you start letting the show consume your Sunday nights, it is hard to resist.

         This season should be full of war and turmoil for both the characters and fans. Negan is the most intense person Rick and his people have ever had to go up against. He is very unpredictable and ruthless with all of the decisions he’s made last season, keeping us all on edge and excited for what’s in store. Last season we lost Glenn and Abraham to Negan using Lucille, his bat. Being a Walking Dead fan comes with the price of losing some important characters, something the fans must overcome.

    Out of all the shows on television, The Walking Dead comes out on top as number one! The cast just announced the 100th episode being aired and that’s 8 seasons of this fantastic show. If you aren’t a Walking Dead fan, I suggest you start catching up right now! As fans we are all so excited for this season of The Walking Dead.