To The Person Bottling Up Their Stress

To The Person Bottling Up Their Stress

Faith Turner, Staff Writer

Sometimes you have a lot on your mind—school, jobs, and extracurricular activities can be fun, but sometimes it can be too much. A lot of us are at a time in our lives where anything we do could determine our future, so that weighs down on us.


With finals and for some of us, graduation, looming over our heads, it’s nearly impossible to relax and take in what’s happening in our lives. This makes keeping ourselves in a good mental state difficult, especially when others can’t seem to see how much is truly going on in our lives. Sometimes you will need to step away from whatever you’re doing because in the end, it’s the better thing to do. Taking yourself away from your stressors can be a positive thing as it gives you a time to “recharge.” It can also help you take some time to plan out how you can help yourself avoid unnecessary stress.


I have currently a lot of things going on in my life, as I play in a few bands and am in speech. I love what I do outside of school but I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t difficult to juggle. I’ve been learning better time management over the few years, but I still have a lot of room for improvement. What do I to help keep away unnecessary stress? First, keep a planner. Whether you use your phone as a planner or have a physical planner, it helps by having a visual for the week and a helpful reminder of your busy schedule. Another thing I like to do is set a limit for how much I can mentally and physically do. This isn’t easy for me, but may be easy for others. The reason I do this is so I don’t overload myself. One last thing I try to do is to set aside some time to not think about what I need to do and just relax. It’s a great idea to let yourself relax because you can’t constantly let tension run through. One day the tension will snap and that’s never something anyone wants or needs.

Junior Kai Hale is also another student dealing with stress. She says, “

School is a big source of stress for me”

— Kai Hale

.”  She deals with stress by listening to classical music. Hale says that classical music “is a huge stress reliever.”


Stress is a normal part of life. It’s unavoidable and can sometimes even be healthy. But, sometimes our stressors can become too much and sometimes we need help to manage or deal with our stress. With trying to deal with a job, extra school activities, family, and school itself, it’s definitely hard to keep your life as stress free as possible. If you can do little things to relieve unneeded stress, you can make your harder times with stress much easier to handle.