Aftermath of The Walking Dead

Aftermath of The Walking Dead

Austin Gilmore, Staff Writer

What happened in the Mid-season finale of The Walking Dead?

What started as an episode where the Saviors are out for revenge ended with a huge possible sendoff for a major character in the show. The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead was a big and intense episode that everyone will be talking about until the show returns in February of 2018. We were left with a huge destruction of Alexandria, Negan getting revenge, and what is most likely leading up to a major character death who has been alive since the beginning of the show.

A huge fight between The Saviors and The Kingdom, Alexandria, and The Hilltop takes place as the Saviors escape the Sanctuary thanks to Eugene, who still has some good left in him to help Dr. Carson and Gabriel escape. Jerry has been taken hostage by Simon, and Maggie prepares to make the Hilltop the last stand. Back in Alexandria, Carl sets a plan to get everyone out of the community by talking to Negan, and even offering up his life to stop the fighting.


“ After the episode was over, I was just in shock to see what happened to everyone, especially Carl. But also with Alexandria destroyed, Rick is going to hunt Negan down and he will not stop until he is sure that Negan is dead.””

— Nick Haddock

The Alexandrians make it out, but get chased by Dwight who turns on the Saviors and takes out some of Negan’s men. Carl proceeds to throw gas and smoke grenades all over Alexandria, so everyone can get out alive. Carl has just become a leader. The Alexandrians escape into the sewers to wait Negan out while he burns down Alexandria and goes and wait for Rick at his house. When Rick gets back to Alexandria, he gets confronted by Negan and the two start a fight. Negan takes a heavy hit by Rick, and Rick escapes to the sewers with Michonne. Meanwhile, Ezekiel sets a trap for the saviors at the Kingdom, and he proceeds to sacrifice himself, and yet he smiles. Morgan overhears some Saviors talking to Ezekiel on what to do with him, so Morgan waits to save the King.

Back in the sewers, Rick and Michonne walk past everyone—Daryl, Judith, Rosita, Tara, Dwight, Tobin, and then they meet the guy Carl saved from walkers in the woods. But then right beside him is Carl on his knees, with his hat off, sweating. Rick and Michonne approach him and Carl says to them, “It had to be done.” Then the unthinkable happens, Carl lifts up his shirt, pulls off a bandage and reveals that he got bit while he was saving the guy from the woods. Rick is about to break down, and Michonne justs goes silent. But Carl says that he has some business to take care of before he goes. Watch out Negan, Carl still has some fight left in him, and he is coming for you.