Tate Merten: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

December 20, 2017

If you’ve been to any athletic event at GCHS in the past two decades years you have certainly seen our athletic trainer, Tate Merten. Tate has been the trainer at Granite City High School for 22 years. This is Tate’s last semester as our athletic trainer. Many were shocked by this news, and some even upset. He is leaving to become a trainer at MultiCare Specialists under Dr. Mark Evanson. “It will be challenging, exciting, and even scary. However, I am looking forward to it. I will be doing rehab on first responders, so police officers, firefighters, and EMT’s.” Tate said he will miss GCHS and all its memories, as GCHS will always have a special place in his heart.

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He is regarded as one of the best trainers in the state of Illinois. If you talk to anyone in the state they know who Tate is and the great job he has done. ”

— John Moad

John Moad, athletic director at GCHS, said Tate will be missed by many. “He is regarded as one of the best trainers in the state of Illinois. If you talk to anyone in the state they know who Tate is and the great job he has done. We have been fortunate to have him this long. You can’t just replace him with one person, with all the great stuff he has done. It will be tough to replace him…He has had chances to leave before but he has stuck around. I’m going to miss his relationship with the kids. He seems to have a good working relationship with them, and he’s fun to be around.” The job for Tate has been posted and it is an open search. Mr. Moad is very grateful for everything Tate has done and contributed to our athletics for over the past two decades.

GCHS Senior Tyler Tindall has been alongside Tate a lot during his athletic career. During track season last year Tyler tore two ligaments in his ankle. “Tate helped me a lot last year during track. Last year I was playing basketball and I jumped for the ball and landed awkwardly and ended up tearing two ligaments. I had double therapy between Tate and the specialists he sent me to. He helped speed up the process of recovery a lot, and I will forever be thankful for him.” Tyler said, “I’m going to miss how goofy he is. He would always make jokes and they were honestly the greatest things ever.”

GCHS Junior Clayton Miller goes to Tate all the time for his shoulder. “I was never seriously injured, but Tate has always helped me with my shoulder pains. “My shoulder started hurting last year during baseball season and Tate helped me by massaging my shoulder and giving me stretches to help with the pain.” Clayton likes how funny and down to earth Tate is. “I’m going to miss going into his office during gym and taking a nap till he yells at me to get up and I’m also going to miss Tate’s beautiful fanny pack.”

GCHS Junior Tyler McCauley was never seriously injured but went to Tate for help with tightness and soreness during soccer season. Tyler is gonna miss all the jokes Tate makes and he also said, “I’m going to miss the way Tate would run out onto the soccer field to go to an injured kid. It would make me laugh every time.” Tyler also said, “Tate might joke around, but he was also very passionate about his job and cared about the athletes. He was a all around good guy and I am going to miss him alot.”

As you can see, Tate has touched the lives of many of the athletes and coaches here at GCHS. Tate said, “I’m going to miss the students, helping them through wins and losses. However, I’m also going to miss the relationship I had with the coaches.” Tate Merten is an excellent trainer who is dedicated to the kids and their coaches, and it will be impossible to replace him. Thank you Tate for all your hard work and dedication to your job and this school.

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