Is Anyone Safe?


Summer Long, Editor

If you look around, our world is constantly changing. Allegations, accusations, and confirmations flood our television screens. Most people often feel overwhelmed and simply turn the news off, preferring feel good stories.

Hollywood is used as a fantasy land for many people to escape their troubles in the real world.  The coping mechanisms of many are not immune to imperfection.

Sexual misconduct. Harassment. Even rape allegations continue to emerge every day from Hollywood. These people are as human as everyone else. They commit crimes. But do they receive punishments equal to others? Do they receive more? Do they escape punishment, seeing less reprimand than others?

Famous chef Mario Batali recently had accusations railed against him. Multiple media outlets released reports of four women in anonymity that blamed him. But Batali did what many in the spectrum refuse to do—even if they’re inevitably convicted. He confessed.

Batali is not the only celebrity with sexual allegations thrown against him. Famous singer Melanie Martinez recently published remarks refuting her former friend and now accuser Timothy Heller. The entire incident depicted an often ignored area of this issue: same sex.

This was not widely reported on.

Junior Joey Thomas considers himself a huge fan of Melanie. However, he admits that he doesn’t “really have an opinion on it because [he] doesn’t know that much about it.” But, he is “definitely looking into it more.”

Although details are foggy, youth are at least aware of the issue in the realm of fame.

I didn’t really know about it until I had to do research for it in speech. But it seems like no one else really knows about it.”

— Brandon Burkhart

Our younger generation doesn’t understand how tangible this issue is in our own government—the ones running the country.

Multiple politicians from the Democratic and Republican party alike have been accused or confessed to sexual harassment. John Conyers and Al Franken take the stage for the left. Roy Moore and even President Donald Trump taking right.

“I didn’t really know about it until I had to do research for it in speech. But it seems like no one else really knows about it,” Brandon Burkhart shared.

If people are unaware of this issue in our government, are people unaware of sexual harassment in our own school? Does it happen frequently?

Faith Turner feels as if it is a neglected issue, drawing parallels to our political spectrum. “It’s taken as a joke. Literally, people are joking around.”

Some people have more positive views.

Payal Patel offers more of an optimistic outlook on the issue. “It doesn’t really occur. I’m friends with so many different groups of people and I never hear about it,” she said.

If you are ever put in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, reach out. Many resources are available at GCHS and help is not far away. Unlike politics or even Hollywood at times, you will be heard.