Working Warriors

January 30, 2018


High school can be complicated, especially when you have to deal with homework, sports, and a job. There are pros and cons to having a job while in high school, so GHW talked to three GCHS juniors to ask them what it’s like to work while in high school.

Miranda Mertz, a GCHS junior, works at Weathervane, and says that having a job in high school makes it complicated to keep your grades balanced. “It is really nice to have my own money because I can buy whatever I want for myself when my mom won’t.” Overall, she said it is worth it to have a job in high school for the extra spending money.

Cierra Barrios-Ogle works at Dairy Queen. “Having a job in high school is very stressful because sometimes I won’t get home until 11:30 at night, and I’ll still have homework to do.” She loses a lot of sleep trying to get her homework done. Cierra also said that it is very nice to have her own money to be able to spend though, despite the stress. The one big perk of working at Dairy Queen is that employees get 50% off all food while they’re working. It is worth it to have a job while in high school because it will help you prepare for the real life in the future and have responsibility.

Hunter Harnetiaux works at the Rain Tunnel Car Wash. He said that having a job in high school can be rough because there isn’t a lot of free time. Other than not having free time, he likes having extra spending money to be able to do things with his friends on the weekends. In his free time, he likes to spend it with his family and friends. “The perk of working at the car wash is that my family and I get free car washes.” He agreed that having a job in high school is worth it as long as you are good with time management.

My personal thoughts about having a job in high school are similar. I work at Little Caeser’s, and it is definitely hard to keep up with my schoolwork, my job, and I also play softball which just adds to the list. I agree that it is worth it, because being able to buy things that you want is really nice. It teaches you how to multitask well. Overall, I would say that having a job in high school is nice and it is definitely worth the hardship.

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