Miracle Melvin


Melvin Pryor is a senior basketball player at Granite City High School, and his inspirational story has helped lift the Warriors this season. Melvin, who has attended GCHS all four years, has put a lot of hard work and dedication into his love of basketball. And this year he’s proving his worth.

It was like a miracle. It feels great when you have patience and keep working hard.”

— Melvin Pryor

Melvin wanted to play his freshman year, but instead gave priority to his grades and started his high school career off strong. After the year off, he tried out for the team and made the cuts. However, he was not able to stay on the team long due to his lack of transportation to and from practice, and not having the proper equipment. Melvin did not let that stop him from achieving his goal of playing basketball, however.

In the following years Melvin did what he had to do to play on the team. He would wake up extra early to get to practice even if he had to walk miles or take the bus. As a player I would see Melvin walking in any kind of weather to get to practice. He is always the first the gym and the last to leave. He showed his true worth when he worked out with the coach before and after practices. It doesn’t matter the time—Melvin is always ready to work hard.

So what was it like for Melvin, a boy who barely played basketball, to suddenly become a starter for the team his senior year?

He said, “It was like a miracle. It feels great when you have patience and keep working hard. The time I spent not playing I watched others play and when I would get a chance it would be easy to do what I saw other players doing.”

Melvin wants the best for the team and will always help other players on the sideline with plays if they didn’t know what they were doing. That is one of the reasons why the team in whole looks at him as one of the role models on and off the court.

“I feel as if I help the team more on the defensive end of the court rather than offensive end. What I can do is set a good screen to help my teammates get open and spacing the floor on offense.”

In practice Melvin is the hardest worker. He is always talking and communicating with the team, helping them know what’s going on during drills, or when we run though sets he makes sure everyone is in the right spot, like a floor general. He is a player version of the coach, thus making him one of the leaders of the team.

Melvin Pryor’s hard work and dedication reflects the Warrior spirit. Although Melvin didn’t play basketball until high school, he is now a key member of the team, on and off the court. As this will be his last season playing for GCHS, he still wants to develop his game for basketball and go on to college.