1v1 with Latrell Smith


Jacob Cook, Staff Writer

Soccer players always think about playing at the next level. If you’re lucky enough, the professional level is even a possibility. Every player looks up to other team members during their time playing together, and for many members on the GCHS soccer team, that players was Latrell Smith. Latrell Smith is a hard-working, talented, and physical player both on and off the field. He was a natural leader and everything you wanted an upperclassmen to be.

I had some ups and downs during my first college season.”

— Latrell Smith

“I had some ups and downs during my first college season,“ said Latrell. Latrell had some time off with a injury, and had to work his way back into the lineup. “There is an adjustment to the mentality of practices because we all have one common goal to win nationals. Then again, there are those differences between us, but that’s what makes us a team.”

In Latrell’s eyes the game is always about having your teammate’s back. Every player goes through challenges and adversity, and each team needs a player like Latrell to encourage them. That is the definition of a good teammate, and good teammates are never forgotten, even when they move on to the next level.

Latrell Smith is a true role model, on and off the field, and I can gladly say he’s a role model to me. At the beginning of my high school career, he was always there for me, answering questions and encouraging me when I got down on myself. All of us at GCHS hope he continues his great career and continues to influence people on and off the field.