The Tide Pod Challenge


The Tide Pod challenge has been the topic of much debate, joking, and memes in the first month of 2018. So what’s going on and what’s the story behind it?

I think the tide pod trend started as a joke, no ones dumb enough to do that…and then people did it.”

— Logan Smith

The Tide pod challenge started around the beginning of this year as mostly an internet meme. If you saw the meme around the first week of January, you would have only seen a meme, but it’s much more than that. Someone even created an edible Tide Pod recipe on Tumblr. This goes all the way back to 2015 in an Onion (a satirical news site) article that says, “toddlers were eating the brightly coloured pods because they look like candy.” But around Martin Luther King day people started noticing the small amount of videos of people putting Tide Pods in their mouths.

The actual amount of teenagers doing this risky stunt is a small number (86 teens who have intentionally exposed themselves to Tide pods in the first few weeks of 2018). Tide tried to stop anymore people from putting Tide Pods in their mouth by releasing a video on their Twitter with football player Rob Gronkowski. YouTube has also started taking down “Dangerous Content” the Tide Pod videos to try and stop the spread of the challenge, but more than anything they want to keep it from being another YouTube controversy. Amazon has also tried to help by removing reviews on the product that say to do the challenge. Despite these considerations, there is still a record number of teens putting Tide Pods in their mouths according to the AAPCC.

Logan Smith, a GCHS student, said, “I think the tide pod trend started as a joke, no ones dumb enough to do that…and then people did it. I feel bad for the young kids who don’t know any better but then there are teenagers and adults doing it and I may sound mean but I think if you eat a tide pod its natural selection that’s on you at that point. Put your effort towards global warming or helping others instead of eating a detergent pod.”

The Tide pod challenge was an internet challenge of teens putting laundry detergent in their mouths, and biting down, mostly for quick views on YouTube. It became a meme, an edible recipe, and a convosersty of sorts for YouTube to handle. Now the challenge is fading in the amount of those doing it and soon enough their will be a new challenge that people will do.