Sea of Thieves Pregame Review


David Hoffman, Staff Writer

Welcome to the vast world of ocean exploration and naval combat where people can be pirates and where landlubbers can be sailors. This “place” I am referring to is none other than Sea of Thieves, an online multiplayer adventure game. Have you ever wanted to be a captain of your own pirate ship? Or even work your way up in a group of pirates starting as an instrument player? Then this new video game will give you plenty of room to finally live your dreams as Jack Sparrow or even Captain Barbossa but in your own way as your own character.

I’m very excited. I’ve been waiting years for a game like this.”

— Cody Trittschuh

At first look, Sea of Thieves looks somewhat unique in many regards, from the features in the game to the artistic layout that surrounds this pirates’ paradise. From the developers of Rare, a british video game developing company, Sea of Thieves offers the satisfaction of commanding your own ship with your closest mates. With your shipmates you can engage in naval battles to fight for their loot, and treasure hunts for gold to spend on your heart’s content. As a bonus to all of this, Sea of Thieves can also be cross played by people on Xbox One and PC players on Windows 10 through Microsoft’s Xbox One app.

How does one manage to play, you ask? Well, from what we know, it seems simple. You start out in a tavern, just like every other feared pirate captain. When exiting the tavern you will need to find the Gold Hoarder Shopkeeper. He’s just down the steps, but if you’re having trouble finding him, there should be a key symbol on the tent he’s using. To start getting loot, or do anything, you will need to go to him and complete the quest “The Stash of Captain Bones.” Once the quest has been completed, or should I say voyage, many more voyages will be unlocked. This voyage will also be free because it’s your first voyage, and it’s needed to unlock many, many more in the future.

While you play you will start getting familiar with the mechanics like checking the map, hoisting the sail, dropping the anchor, and sailing the ship with the ease of an experienced sailor, in no time. When asked what would be the first thing on his agenda in Sea of Thieves, fellow senior Cody Trittschuh said, “I’m going to create my crew and raid for a bigger, stronger ship.”

Being a Blackbeard-wannabe can be tons of fun with the creativity and freedom Sea of Thieves offers the player base. The fact that you have to hoist your own sail and pull your own anchor really pulls in the immersion that a lot of players, myself included, are all wanting. Cody said, “I’m very excited. I’ve been waiting years for a game like this.” Until it’s release on March 30th however, this is all the information we have on how Sea of Thieves is going to be shaped. I hope to see all of you on the open waters in Sea of Thieves.