The Pocket Tragedy


Alyssa Weller, Staff Writer

Why have real pockets when you can have fake ones instead?

If you’re a female or know one, you’ve definitely heard a complaint or two about fake pockets. Imagine this: you’re out shopping for a pair of pants and you find the perfect pair. You buy the jeans and put them on. You stand in front of the mirror admiring the jeans and you realize they have fake pockets. You might’ve not noticed while in the dressing room but suddenly they’re not so cute.

More common than not, most to all women’s pants have fake pockets. With that, I myself have had a horrible encounter with a fake pocket. Last spring the high school band program took a trip to New York. I got new dress pants for the trip and didn’t know that my pants had fake pockets on them. I proceeded to put my phone into my back pocket & to the floor my phone goes. I’m not the only one that’s had this problem. Crystal Denton, a GCHS student,weighs in on this issue as well. “I have had an encounter with a pair of dress pants with fake pockets and it was not very fun. I kept my headphones in them (that weren’t really in there) and I lost them. Lesson learned: to always check and make sure that your pants have pockets cause you’ll lose something in them eventually.”

Things getting broken, lost and the inconveniences of not having pockets seems to just be happening in woman’s clothes.”

Things getting broken, lost and the inconveniences of not having pockets seems to just be happening in woman’s clothes. I asked Janet Andrews and she seems the agree with me.  She says, “I absolutely hate them and you really only see them in females clothing. It agitates my soul! I just want to put my phone in my pocket. That’s all I want to do. I’ve lost countless tubes of chapstick and pairs of headphones.”

The fashion industry sewing up the pockets on women’s clothing, logically speaking, could be something profitable. Most fake pockets occurring are on women’s clothing and it’s not just because it’s a “look” or it’s “trendy.” Sewing up the pockets on your pants would be forcing you to purchase other things like hoodies, purses, and backpacks to hold their things because their pants are dysfunctional.

Long story short, fake pockets are tragic, and I hope you never have an encounter with them. Hopefully the fashion industry will save themselves a little extra time by not sewing pockets closed and instead put a little more time into coming up with something new and innovative.