Zeke the Freak


Emmitt Gordon, Staff Writer

Ezekual Samuel Moore, a 6’7 guard from Granite City, Illinois, will soon be transitioning into his role as a future Tulsa Hurricane basketball player. “Zeke the Freak,” a nickname given to him by fans in his first year of college, is a dual citizen of the United States and Trinidad and Tobago, the country where his father’s family still resides.

Zeke attended Riverview Gardens High school where he played basketball and excelled in the classroom. His team was ranked top three in the metro area for large schools. He played under his father Gerard Moore who is the current Granite City High School boys basketball head coach.

“Playing with my father as the coach helped instill a loving and competitive spirit within us.”

Zeke graduated from Riverview Gardens High School in 2016. During Zeke’s sophomore year of high school, colleges started to recruit him, and the first college to recruit him was Eastern Illinois University, located in Charleston, Illinois.

He shared that “the process of being recruited is fun, you just have to choose the best fit for you meaning the style you play and your education.”

Playing with my father as the coach helped instill a loving and competitive spirit within us.”

— Zeke Moore

Zeke wasn’t nervous about the transition from high school to college because his work ethic in high school and he knew he could be successful in college. Zeke said that he was mostly considering local schools because he’s a family guy, and that helped him make his final decision on his destination. He decided to become a St. Louis University (SLU) Billiken who were at the time coached by Jim Crews. As often happens in college athletics, soon after Zeke signed with SLU, the university made the decision to replace Coach Crews with a new head coach, Travis Ford.  

This made a difficult decision for Zeke because he knew his style of play fit with Coach Crews, but the new Coach Ford was unknown. He had to decide if he would stay at SLU or begin the search again for another school and coach that fit his needs. Zeke played his freshman year of college at St. Louis University where he was getting 20 minutes playing time per contest and averaging 5 points a game as a freshman. At the end of his freshman year Zeke decided to pursue a different program, and the end of the search brought him to the university of Tulsa where he will play basketball for the 2018-2019 season. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for Zeke.