Cardinal Nation: St. Louis and the Cardinals

Alec Krueger

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In many ways, the Cardinals are the heart and soul of St. Louis. They are a hugely successful franchise, having won eleven World Series titles (second in all of pro baseball) and nineteen National League pennants, which is third among all MLB franchises. They have had several all-time great players, including the likes of Hall-of-Famers Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith, and Lou Brock, and great players who are still active in the league, like former Cardinal Albert Pujols and elite catcher Yadier Molina.

I enjoy going to home games. I love baseball and the atmosphere of Busch Stadium is great”

— Bruce Frank

The Cardinals are among the league leaders in both attendance and local television ratings year after year, regardless of how the team performs. The fans always pack Busch Stadium. I go to several games every single year, and I am always observing how faithful the fanbase is. The team also brings in a lot of money and support for the city they play in. Here in the St. Louis area, there is a super-exciting team to cheer for. For a market like St. Louis, which honestly is not that large of a market in terms of sports and marketing, The Cards sure make it seem like one.

“I enjoy going to home games. I love baseball and the atmosphere of Busch Stadium is great” said Bruce Frank, teacher at GCHS. “And I like the nachos of course!”

“One of my favorite memories of the Cardinals was when they went to the 1982 World Series against the Brewers, who were then in the American League. Ted Simmons was one of my favorite players and he was a Cardinal for several years before going over to Milwaukee. The Cardinals won the series in seven games. I remember how exciting it was overall.”

One of my personal favorite moments/periods from Cardinals’ history was in 2011 when the Cardinals faced off against the Texas Rangers in the World Series. In game six, the Cardinals and Rangers traded blows in a tightly-contested game. In the 11th inning, and with the World Series on the line, David Freese of the Cardinals hit the game-winning home run and Busch Stadium was alive with cheers. I recall anxiously watching that game, sitting on the very edge of my seat, never taking my eyes off of the television. I remember how excited I was that my hometown team might win the league championship, the grandest prize of them all. Then in game seven, they did in fact win, and brought their newly-won trophy back to St. Louis, making it eleven titles in all.  

I am beyond proud of the Cardinals. They are a joy to watch and cheer for as each season goes on, and with all of the success they have had over their 125 years of existence, it’s hard to not be impressed. Think about it: 125 years of one franchise!

Not much is better than sitting in the sunshine at Busch Stadium and watching Cardinals baseball over the summer and the early weeks of autumn. I cannot express how excited I am for this season. I hope to go to many games this year and unconditionally support a team I’ve grown up loving all my life. Hopefully this year provides St. Louis with a successful season to add to the record books. Play ball!