J Cole “2014 Forest Hill Drive Album”


Zidane Moore, Staff Writer

Jermaine Lamarr Cole, also known as J Cole, is a top Hip-Hop artist and producer. J Cole was nominated for a Grammy award for his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive, which was named after his home that J Cole lived in when he was younger with his mom, brother, and stepfather. He attended a university in New York named St. Johns where his career started to take off and bought back his home (2014 Forest Hills Drive), which was foreclosed while he was away at college. The album is mostly about his life and growing up in that house but each song is different. J Cole is unique because the songs he writes have a meaning behind them—they come with a story of what he has been through and what it’s like growing up without a dad and all the problems he had.

The top songs from the album includes No Role Modelz where he talks about the hardships of not having anyone he can see as a role model. “No role models and I’m here right now no role models to speak of Searchin’ through my memory, my memory I couldn’t find one.” He wants people who don’t have anyone for a role model to look up to J Cole. For example, he talks about Uncle Phil in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and TV star Bill Cosby off of The Cosby show.

His second hit song on the album is “Love Yourz,” which was about J Cole when he was younger thinking that success and material things would bring him happiness, but he comes to find out that it’s not all so easy, and that even with those things he doesn’t have true happiness in life. He says, “For what’s money without happiness? Or hard times without the people you love,” referring to him still not having happiness even when he is famous.

“Apparently,” which is the 11th song released on the album, is about J Cole reflecting on the mistakes he’s made during his life that have ruined some of his valuable relationships. For example, he mentions that he feels guilty and apologizes in the first verse to his mother for leaving her to deal with the foreclosure house that J Cole lived at during his childhood, while he was at college in New York. He goes on to talk about how he remains faithful to God, and knows that his mom has “Apparently” always been rooting for him which he titled the name of the song from.