Video Games VS IRL Sports


Austin Gilmore, Staff Writer

It is one thing to play video games at home with friends, but a sports game based off of reality is a whole new ballgame, literally. In reality, the competition will not go easy on you. It is a real game that will affect how you will do the rest of your career. In video games, it is one game played for fun. Here are some of the differences between video games and their real life references.

Video games are for virtual reality entertainment. They are for you to have all the fun you want while staying safe at home or at a friend’s house. They can range anywhere from baseball to the grueling conditions of NASCAR. But video games are just games that are basically taken from events in real life and they are remade as fun and entertaining. Danger can always be right around the corner in real life, but in video games there is always a reset button.

Now all these games are based on events taking place in the real world. The only difference, in the real world, you only live once. You don’t respawn like you can in a video game or there is no restart button where you can redo everything you did wrong. Every sport has a safety concern, because yes, even what may look safe to everyone, can end badly in real life. The decisions you make in real life are what will happen to you in the world. They can sometimes even be the difference between life and death. Any decision you make in the real world can affect everyone’s life in the real world, too. Even driving a car can affect everyone else with how they drive on the road and whether or not they will make it to their destination on time.

But what makes video games different from real life is that in video games, you don’t get that true feeling of playing sports. You don’t get a true experience when just playing video games. If you get outside and do that sport that you always wanted to do, you will get a true and real experience. And no, taking your video games outside does not cut it. Video games are just a simulation, not the real thing when it comes to sports. It may look like it is real, but I guarantee you, those sports teams and their players, they don’t play sports with a controller. And they are not sitting on a chair in their house, eating Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew while playing the game. They are living in the real world, not a false reality where you win every time.

“Video games are a false reality, real life is real life, and whatever happens in real life is reality.””

— Missy Gilmore