What’s After High School


Natori Perdue, Staff Writer

What’s After High School


We’ve all thought about life after graduation. Walking across the stage, receiving a fake diploma, knowing we have to pick up the real one later. Face it, teens think we know everything, but do we really? No. I imagine walking across the stage everyday I wake up for school, thinking I’m one day closer. I’m worried about deadlines for colleges, essays for scholarship, prom, decorating my graduation cap, and planning my senior trip before I leave for the summer to start my new journey.


Katie Miller, a GCHS graduate, states, “When I walked across that stage I felt nothing but complete happiness. You’d figure you’d be nervous walking up on stage in front of everyone. But it doesn’t matter how many people are there or who’s looking at you because you’re the one that made it. It was everything I expected and more. It made me feel proud. I have been doing everything during and after graduation that I said I would be doing. It takes a lot of patience. My plan is to go to SWIC for general studies and then go to a university to study education and art to become a fine arts professor.”


As Katie dreams of her future I’m excited to stay connected to her and other friends who will be pursuing their own dreams.


Traonna Ward graduated in December, and she states, “When I walked across the stage it was the best feeling ever hearing my family calling my name and knowing I made it through 12 years of school. I was wearing heels and as I was walking I kept telling myself you’re not going to fall, which I didn’t. I feel like that was the moment I had the biggest smile on my face. And it pretty much was what I was expecting. I can’t have a full on celebrating until my brother graduates in June, so we will be walking across the stage together. And I’ve been accomplishing pretty much everything. I started school this summer at Harris Stowe and I’ve been working everyday. I managed to get a new car so life’s been sweet after graduation, and I can’t wait for what else my life has in store for me.

Traonna bragging to me each day before she graduated. I even remember counting down the days she had left. I cried the last day but now I know she is happy and I’m proud of GCHS graduates in general. I am ready for my time to come, but I’ll take it all in as I will not have the luxury any more. No more failing tests and taking it lightly, no more mom and dad helping you, it’s time to take it in and live in the moment.