Is Vocational Right for You?


Jacob Cook, Staff Writer

In school everyone has their own pathway to choose. Math may lead to careers in engineering, architecture, and drafting. Science, English, History, and Math are the basic foundations of education, but at the high school, we also have vocational classes, which lead to interesting jobs in various trades. So, are these vocational classes worth taking?

Vocational classes can be any type of work performed in the real world. Like many other classes, there is an above average class for those who have a better grasp on what to do with their skills and future. I, myself, have arranged to be in one of these classes, hoping to start forming a future that I can one day pursue.

Vocational classes are done by many different schools in the area. One student I know well at Alton High School named Shelby Lieneke is currently a student and participating in one of these classes. Her selective choice was woodshop class. Her freshman year consisted of the basics of woodshop. This eventually became a hobby, and at first she was mediocre, but she soon became skilled and understood the trade.

“Taking a resource class can be helpful. In some cases for others it’s just fun.” ”

— Shelby Lieneke

What exactly can you do in woodshop? One of the many things Shelby has built was a shelf. The finished project is used as a container to store items. Before taking this class Shelby would have had no idea where to start on the shelf.

She said, “This goes to show that some classes can be more easier to grasp than others that you may come across.” But in Shelby’s opinion it is worth taking a vocational class.”Yes, it’s worth taking. I can do more around the house than before. I wouldn’t have thought twice about me knowing how to do.”

In taking these classes they can be harmful to you and those around you. Concentration  is a must have in Vocational woodshop. You cannot afford to make as many mistakes as you do in a regular classroom. Safety is  the number one prevention of serious injury.

Participating in one of these classes is a major step to entering the workforce. Getting into one of these jobs can be very valuable, and this class will help get you ready for the long life ahead. This job is an example of trying new activities that can often result in success in the future.