Painted Rocks in our Community


Alyssa Weller, Staff Writer

If you haven’t been living under a rock this past summer, then your Facebook newsfeed was probably filled with brightly colored rocks. In our community painted rocks have became a huge hit for children and adults of all ages.

So you might be asking yourself, “Alyssa, how did you even find out about this?” Good question. Here’s my story. Once upon a time I stumbled upon a little painted turtle while I was walking into work. I took the rock to my car and kept it, and as soon as I got home I showed my mom what I had found and we were both eager to know why there was a rock that looked like a little turtle outside my work. That night, like any mom would do, she posted it on Facebook, and we soon discovered that there was a whole community of what they call “rockers.”

I sprained my ankle and was off work for two weeks over the summer, so my mom got the idea to start painting rocks. I and many others in our community have hopped on the bandwagon by painting rocks and posting them on Facebook onto different rock groups with more than 8.2 thousand group members, giving hints as to where rocks are hidden and showing off artistic abilities. Rocks were coming from near and far and they are becoming something fun for everyone to enjoy.

Granite City Rocks and Riverbend Rockers have been popular Facebook groups for our area for posting rocks people have painted and sharing finds. I asked Michelle Randolph from Riverbend Rockers how painting rocks has been an impact in our community and the people in it.

“Many Riverbend Rockers are shy, or disabled in some way, or have moved away and this was an easy and affordable way to impact their community. Painting rocks has built confidence, brought strangers together, and raised over $2000 in food for the community. Hope Center in Cottage Hills handed out over 3700 painted rocks at the Halloween parades last year, raised over 5,000 filled eggs and held an Easter Egg Hunt for over 300 children that was just organized in two short weeks. We are currently working on another Food Drive, Earth Day project, and picking up and trash collected during hiding or finding rocks. Our one year anniversary is approaching quickly and this has all been done by individuals like you and me. No sponsors, no funding.”

Alexander Xavier, a member of our local community talked about rock painting that took place over the summer. He said, “Rock painting affects the community by coming together and painting, thus creating a domino effect with many people in the Granite City community.

I think the kids loved it the most. It was like a giant hide and seek game with unique rocks anyone could have painted! It was beautiful.”

— Alexander Xavier

Not one was alike and that showed each person’s personality painted on those rocks. It brought the community together and I hope will be passed down and continue so our children can see how fun and exciting it is to give to the community and give others a chance to see the different aspects of each and every person.”  

Walking through your local parks and past your local business and finding rocks with inspiring messages or fun and unique pictures or designs is amazing for our community, families and students. I would totally recommend if you didn’t take part in painting over the summer that you try it at least once. It’s never too late to start! Not only is this activity good for your community, but it’s also good for your stress. Relax and paint some rocks!