GCHS Shows Off Their Art Talent


Six Mile Regional Library Art Display

Haley Thompson and Brooke Meyer

On Saturday April 14th, some of the GCHS art students chose to let their art work shine at the Six Mile Regional Library in Granite City, IL. One of the participants, Alex Dooley, allowed us to ask her a couple questions about her interest in art. She has always liked drawing since she was younger. She joined art junior year in place of Spanish and has kept with it the past two years. GCHS junior, Pamela Siar, has always had a love for art and she said, “If the school can offer me ways to expand my creativity and skills then I’m definitely all for it.” She also stated that art is something that she wants to use in her future for a job, so it is a great class for practicing. The art show was a chance for the students to put their art out into the world and show off their skills.