Far Cry 5 Review

May 4, 2018

Imagine living in a small country town far away from the city where the birds sing, children play, and the breeze of the smooth rural air floats through every opening of a house or through every crack between the tree branches. Then all of a sudden every connection to the outside world is disconnected and severed without repair. All the open and free feelings you once felt in this small little county has dissipated because of a massive cult has followed the orders of one singular “Prophet” to take over and cleanse the county of what they call a sin and to instill purity through out the residents. Most people in this situation would join the cult to be safe and some would lose hope in safety while they hide away in their bunker, but the people of Hope County have a whole new meaning of resistance in Far Cry 5.

In the past years and even in some recent years we have heard of cults and cult leaders like Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh, and famously Charles Manson. Following a somehow more twisted version of Charles Manson, Far Cry’s newest installment introduces The Seed Family, and more importantly the Project at Eden’s Gate. Following Joseph Seed aka The Father’s version of the bible, The Father leads his army of cultists to totally take over the entire county of the fictional region of Hope County Montana. Saving this county from complete take over is all up to the Deputy (Dep) aka the player to save the county by creating a resistance and fighting the Seed Family while going through unbearable Psychological Torment from being captured repeatedly by John, Jacob, Faith and even The Father.

Something isn’t quite the same however, because unlike the other Far Cry installments the character you play as is a muted character. With the inclusion of character creation, making the character voiceless has left many past Far Cry fans a little confused at launch but most of those fans has come to love this change since it has added the chance for players to role-play more effectively without the words of their character getting in the way. “I think you get more immersed into it because you can talk for your character but also I wish they would’ve added a voice because the cut scenes would’ve been a lot more dramatic,” stated former GCHS student Blake Hogan. Some gamers don’t feel the same way however because they believe voice-work adds more life to the character, something Far Cry has always had that most other developers just seem to lose sight of.

Well, to be honest, after you liberate everything and beat the game it’s kind of boring but if you’re playing with a friend it’s still fun like hunting and stuff”

— Blake Hogan

Even with the change of character details, a lot of players still have mixed feelings of Far Cry 5. Players really seem to love the story and the characters but most people who have played Far Cry 5 has agreed that after completing the game, there just simply isn’t anything important to do and sadly this is partially true. Now the there isn’t completely nothing to do but it drastically decreases after completion. After you beat the game you can still free roam, clear outposts, do side quests, and hunt/fish. So yes, there are things to still do, but are they even worth it? With side quests giving mundane rewards at best and most being similar there’s really no reason to do them except for the few unique ones you’ll find along the way. “Well, to be honest, after you liberate everything and beat the game it’s kind of boring but if you’re playing with a friend it’s still fun like hunting and stuff,” said Blake. Until the DLC’s release, if you get them that is, you’ll be stuck hunting, clearing outposts, and side quests.

However, by no way is Far Cry 5 a horrible game, Far Cry 5 is very story rich and really psychological to the point that it makes you feel like you are that deputy defeating the cult to save the region of Hope County or maybe even joining them in their ways. “The story is definitely better than 4. I like the story but there’s really not a lot of choices like most of the games. I wanted to be off the cult you should’ve had an option to spare the main bosses,” said Blake. Far Cry 5 does have their hiccups don’t get me wrong, but the story and the descriptive characters really turn this around to the right path.

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