Being A Grown-up

Jerry Watson, Staff Writer

As a kid, questions are always raised about what are you going to be when you grow up? The question is always the same, only altered by time and reasoning. For example, in elementary school the question is “What do I want to do when I get to middle school?” Then, in middle school it is “What do I want to do in high school?” Then college and so on. But all these questions come from one central idea, and that idea is what do you want to be when you grow up.

Brooke Du Hart, a GCHS junior student athlete said,“I want to be an athletic trainer when I’m older, because I love exercising, good health, and good nutrition.” Brooke Du Hart wasn’t the only one to say she wanted to be an athletic director, but some of us might want to have the same profession for different reasons.

Zidane Moore, a GCHS basketball player said, “I want to be an electrical engineer when I’m older, because I have an uncle that’s one.” Our elders, teachers, counselors, peers, and so on can all inspire us. Now it’s our turn to pave the way for the future and the younger generation that’s coming up. We should encourage them to go out and try lots of things. We live in a vast world with thousands of jobs, hobbies, traits, talents, activities, events, and billions of different opportunities.

“I want to be an athletic trainer when I’m older, because I love exercising, good health, and good nutrition.”

— Brooke

No one, no matter who you are, has to limit himself to only one profession. As for me, whenever people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, the answer will always remain the same: I want to be the greatest jack of all trades. Yeah, sure, some of you might be wondering what that means. It means, “one that can do some of all,” which was an idea that was introduced to me at a young age. Throughout my lifetime, I’ve participated in football, basketball, baseball, boxing, and karate. Each of these things contributes to who I am as a person, and helps me reach toward my goal of being a jack of all trades. As people we have the ability to do or be anything that we put our minds to, so why not try to be everything? They say you only live once, so live it to the fullest.