What I’ll Miss about High School


Caitlyn Puhse, Editor

It’s 4AM and I’m writing this while listening to country music. Where has my life gone?

High school has accounted for only four years of the eighteen I’ve been around, but it’s strange that it’s finally over. There are so many experiences I’ve had here and I’ve literally watched myself grow and change over just the past few years. I may be glad to be moving on to other things, but there are so many moments that I already miss and want back. Here’s what I’ll miss most about being at Granite City Senior High School now and forever.

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And I never even got to see the pool on the roof. Anyone have an elevator pass I can buy?”

— Caitlyn Puhse

  1. Friends, Family, and Teachers

I think this is going to be the most difficult for me. I am choosing to go to college 7 hours away; it is my dream school and I’m so excited to be going there, but for most of the year, I’ll be what feels like forever away from the people I love and have grown close with over the years. Not getting to see old familiar faces is going to be something I’ll need to get used to, and fast.

  1. Being a Warrior

This one is probably surprising for those of you who know me. I have definitely not been the most into school pride here. I never really understood being so proud of going to a school where I didn’t have a choice to go to. That being said, the tribe is absolutely wonderful. Although I never really got into it, seeing the school spirit in my peers was always refreshing. Even though I may not be a Warrior anymore, I know at my roots I’ll always bleed red and black. We will always be the best student section in the entire world in my heart.

  1. The Actual School Itself

I mean, it was my home for 4 years. I have so many memories in the halls and classes of the building, it will be sad having to say goodbye to it. And I never even got to see the pool on the roof. Anyone have an elevator pass I can buy?

  1. Friday Night Football and Band

As a member of the marching band, the football games were one of the most fun acitivities that I did. Although it really sucked having to stand at attention for so long in the big G (and later GC when we got too big), playing and watching the student section get super pumped and into our songs and our marching show was amazing. The band program ended up not being right for me in the end, but even now I wish so badly I could go back to my freshman, sophomore, and junior year and put on my uniform again. The hard work was all worth it for the life lessons I learned and the family I became a part of. Once a Marching Warrior, always a Marching Warrior. I hope that I never lose the beat in my feet.

Although this school won’t change that much without me, I know that I’m going to change a lot without it. ”

— Caitlyn Puhse

  1. Getting Yelled at by Mr. Manoogian

I know that it sounds odd missing getting yelled at, but hear me out. High school was the place that I found one of my passions: acting and musical theatre. I remember being a little freshman auditioning for Arsenic and Old Lace like it was yesterday. Being a part of the theatre program was one of the best experiences I had as a Warrior. It’s amazing to think that in just a few short years I could learn so much and grow as a person through being on the stage. Although it’s practically unavoidable to get yelled at working with Mr. Manoogian, I know that he is just trying to pull the best out of you. I forgive you for making me cry (only once) because I know that I truly met my full potential and acted my butt off. In the end, all the hard work and long nights he drug me through made me the best that I could be, and I’m so grateful for it. I can’t wait to come back and be on the stage again for summer productions.

  1. Being a part of GHW

Don’t let the fact that I’m getting a journalism grade for this fool you into thinking this is fake. Journalism welcomed me with open arms, and I feel as if I’ve found a place that I truly belong. It gave me so many opportunities and taught me so many skills I never thought that I could learn in high school. I know how to edit videos like a boss, I got to help so many people grow as writers and video creators as an editor, and once I finally started writing articles, I was pushed way out of my comfort zone and really put myself out there to everyone in my writing. Writing my piece “Broken mind, Injured heart” is one of my greatest personal accomplishments in all of my time here. Sure, I won awards for band and grades and things like that, but Mr. Crider really taught me to pour my soul and the brutal truth into my writing, and I really feel like that piece has the potential to help people for years to come. Knowing that through this program I’ve put something out there that may have spread a little good and leave advice for those who may need it for years to come is so fulfilling. Leaving this program behind is without a doubt the one thing I will miss the most about being here. Although I may not be on staff anymore in just a few short days, I really feel like the things I did have left a mark on this school and that it will help the program grow and become even better as time goes on, and that’s really all I can ask for.

Although this school won’t change that much without me, I know that I’m going to change a lot without it. Being here has shaped the person I am today and will follow me into my future forever. Farewell, GCHS, its been real.