Megan Hayes, Staff Writer

By my title, you know what to expect out of this article. I’m here to talk to you about one of my most favorite instruments, the piano. “Why is it your favorite instrument?” you might ask. Well, I can most definitely thank my mom for that one. Growing up, She always had a piano in the house. The same wooden piano she had when she was my age. Younger, actually. She’s told me endless stories about how she taught herself how to play by ear. Even created a beautifully written piano piece with her sisters when she was sixteen. Anyway, because I had that role model to look up to, it inspired me to play the piano as amazing as she could.

Not only did I have a piano available at home, I also had one available in elementary school. Third grade in Wilson  Elementary school, I had a music teacher that would let me, and other students into her classroom to play with the instruments. Being the responsible teacher she was, she made sure to supervise everything and make sure the instruments were taken care of. Every day that I’d walk into her classroom, I’d immediately go straight for the piano that was sitting in the corner of the room. Other students would occasionally play and I’d play along with them. But when I was alone, I’d always practice on teaching myself the song “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. It was my most favorite Disney songs when I was little, and still is to this day.  I was always encouraged by my music teacher to keep learning. Every time I figured something out, she cheered me on. She plays a big role for the inspiration I have to keep teaching myself how to play.

Now, when I got my first piano? Well, the excitement I had in me that day was almost unbearable. I was in Utah with my mom, and in the sixth grade. It was an early Christmas morning in 2011. Seeing that there was a semi-big box by the Christmas tree with my name on it gave it all away. I knew what it was without even opening it. When it came time to opening up our gifts, you can guess the first thing I went for right? Yup, you got it. The stocking. (true story) But yes, I went for the big box. When I opened it, I was beyond happy. It was a sixty-one keyed Casio keyboard, and had the keys that lit up to teach you how to play. The first song I leaned how to play with both my left and right hands is Canon in D by Pachelbel. Thing is, when I got my first piano, I wasn’t sure how your hands had to be placed. So I just did it my own way. After I realized I could play a song like Canon, it made me wonder how many more songs I could teach myself. And let me tell you, I learned quite a lot over the years.

Listed below are some of the songs I know how to play today.

  • Secrets-One Republic
  • Skinny Love- Birdy
  • My Immortal- Evanescence
  • Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen
  • Believe- Hollywood Undead
  • Someone Like You- Adele
  • Say Something- A Great Big World
  • If We Hold On Together- (a song from The Land Before Time)
  • River Flows in You- Yiruma
  • Blasphemy- Tyler Joseph

And the list goes on. These are only a few songs I’ve taught myself to play using piano tutorials on YouTube. I use YouTube because I can’t read sheet music. (Though in some piano tutorials, they offer sheet music with the video).

I guess you could say I’ve been playing for a while. For me, six years is a while. It took a lot of hand cramps and dedication to get to where I am today with piano. And I can honestly say I’m proud of myself. Special thanks to my mom and music teacher for being my role models. You guys are the reason why I enjoy what I do today.