A Chief’s Farewell


As someone who normally sits down and writes sentences a mile a minute, this one is going a bit harder than I had anticipated. This is the last one: the last project, the last few days I am Editor-in-Chief, the last time I contribute to this program as a student.

Not everyone knows this, but Granite High World has had a wild year. We’ve partnered with United Way and the local industry community. We’ve had a giant staff, and with that some problems and a few… hiccups. But the beauty of GHW is that it starts anew every semester, and with a clean slate. A slate that you can be part of – if you want to.

I keep saying we because I live and breathe journalism nowadays. I’ve tried to have my hand in a lot of projects. I have made it a habit to learn everyone’s names (even if they don’t know me, which I know is kind of weird). I’ve tried to just be there for those who need me, because god knows some kids come to this class feeling like they don’t have a place they belong.

That’s what I found here: a place. Band wasn’t for me anymore and I just felt alone and useless. This program, Mr. Crider, my classmates – they’ve all given me passion and different perspectives. I walked into this program from my kitchen on homebound and walked out of 270 this year like I’ve always lived there. This room has become my second home.

Be true, be kind, and be there, because we are all waiting on you for the news.”

Honestly, I feel more like the Mom of Journalism than the Editor-in-Chief. I just got to know so many people and have seen all their work and progress. It’s mind boggling to see the quiet kid like Mekaela Deguire write something so beautiful and articulate. I never would’ve expected Natori Purdue to have such a great style in Photoshop. I can’t fathom having the eye for photography like Janet Andrews does. I just want you guys to know that I was watching, reading, caring. I learned from you guys and I just hope I gave this program as much as I got out of it.

Everyone made this class what it is today. Your videos and articles, good or bad, played a part in our growth. And I laugh at Crider every time he says he wasn’t present because he was. He taught us all so well that we could walk on our own. You’re all well passed the baby steps and making huge strides in this world.

I want to thank the teachers and community that give us our content. I’m happy I could be your voice for the last two years, and I am so proud to hand that torch on to the incoming class and Skylar Burns. I am but a humble Editor-in-Chef, she’s the Chief here. And thank you Mr. Crider for your guidance and friendship. This class is so successful because you are in it with us, neck and neck.

It takes a strong community to have a good paper, and whoever comes in next year is the voice of the people. Be true, be kind, and be there, because we are all waiting on you for the news.