GCHS College Search Experience


Mekaela DeGuire, Staff Writer

As the 2018-19 school year is wrapping up, most seniors are getting ready for their first semester in college; from preparing to move into dorms to scheduling classes, the class of 2018 should be very busy. However, many underclassmen also have college in their minds. I interviewed three GCHS seniors to learn more about the process of the college search.

I asked my fellow seniors how hard it was for them to look at and apply for colleges. “I would say it’s not hard if you keep up with it,” said Granite High World Editor-in-Chief Lauren Briggs, who will be attending SIUE. “They basically gave me the best package money wise. I would rather go debt free.”

Speech team member Kat Smith, who will be attending Mckendree University, told me that “It was really difficult because I only looked at a few colleges; I had some outside sources pressuring me to lean one way or another.”

Courtney Long, who will n be attending SWIC, said, “It was very hard because I’m very picky; I really wanted to go travel and see places, but reality hit me and financial stuff came up.”

I asked the seniors what their advice would be for those students who are starting their college searches this year.

“Find the place that seems the most like home; a place that wants to treat you like family,” said Kat Smith.

Courtney Long said, “Do it in advance. I did that senior thing where I just put it off; you should probably start planning around junior year.” She continued, “My advice would be to figure out what you want to do, make a dream board, make lists, figure out what you want to accomplish in life. College will be here before you know it.”

“I would suggest that everyone do what they can during first semester,” Lauren Briggs said. “A lot of people wait until January of the next year…I think that definitely puts more stress on you.”

Lauren continued with more wisdom. “Do one dream college, and have a couple backups; you never know what will happen.”

No matter what college or trade school you choose to go to, or even if you don’t attend one at all, your future is extremely important. Your college years are important in figuring out who you are and who you want to be. Use the resources that you have now to your advantage; do not just wait and expect your future to given to you.