If You’re New Here…


Sophie Burns, Staff Writer

A field of green, lots of screams. The Freshmen class came out for a great start to the school year, with their first ever Welcome Back Rally.

On Friday, Aug. 31, 2018, The annual Granite City Welcome Back Rally was introduced to the Freshmen class.

As color filled the halls with Senior yellow, Junior orange, Sophomore blue, and Freshmen green, many grew excited. Freshmen Ashley Mains observed “Wow, that’s a lot of color.” 

Wow, that’s a lot of color.”

— Ashley Mains

This years group of Freshmen really seemed to embrace rally day, with many dressed in tutu’s, hats, leggings and face paint, All to show their spirit.

Though many Freshmen were excited, others were nervous of not knowing what could happen. As we all know being a Freshman isn’t easy and comes with a bit of torment. Tagging lowerclassmen is a tradition, that the school tried to put a stop to this year. That allows the Freshmen to breathe easier in the halls.

Freshman Jonas Etchison says, “Kindness, I want to see everyone being nice to each other.” 

Kindness, I want to see everyone being nice to each other.”

— Jonas Etchison


You can show your kindness by helping a teacher or friend, saying hello in passing, holding a door for someone, or even by just keeping a smile on your face. This happens when “Warriors Assemble!”

Sophomore year, the Freshmen’s point of view on the rally could change. The excitement could grow or diminish. Maybe you won’t even remember it at all. Sophomore Mikenna Roeder says, “What even is the Welcome Back Rally?” The more active you are, the more fun you will have.

The Welcome Back Rally was created in part to bring excitement and thrill to the Freshmen as they enter a new beginning in high school. This is a milestone in many lives, a building point.  

Here’s to many more Welcome Back Rallys, Freshmen. Senior year will be here before you know it.